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Sharing Life Experiences

By Chipo G.K. Muponisi

Updated: February 12, 2011


The main reason I set up this blog was to share real life experiences with people from all over the globe. I visited the WITS Press and I was encouraged by Julie Miller the Commissioning Editor to set up a blog not only to share experiences, but also to find a publisher for my upcoming book.

You may or may not agree with me on every issue that I wish to share with you. Yet, the whole idea is to have a forum, where we can share our diverse real life experiences. I know that there are many people in this world who are desperately worried about a lot of things, especially money. They do not even have time for themselves, family or friends. They are always working like crazy to earn more and more money. Alas! In most situations, money does not even come. They cannot even account for the hard work because the money does not equate the time put into their work. Most people might say, “What can we do, we have families to feed, and you only have yourself to look after.” The assumption is that it is often easier for single people to cope with hardships compared to those with families. This assumption is not entirely correct. The heads of families might find strength from family members, whereas single people are often without that support.

Yet, I learnt from real life experiences that we can live very successful lives even when we do not have cash. My scholarship money was delayed in the beginning of 2010, yet I lived a very successful life in the time of deprivation. There is no need to worry or stress about anything because in worry we miss the chance of seeing opportunities coming our way. We also increase negative opportunities to flood our days. Instead of worrying, we can spend time looking at both small and big things—whether you call them blessings or luck—coming into our lives. I learnt to trust that the Universe would provide for me, and it did provide everything that I needed, at the right time. I must let you know that during the time of deprivation I lacked nothing, but because I was used to the principle of having lots of cash in my bank or at home all the time, I worried a lot. Yet, it turned out that there was no need to worry because money seemed to come my way, sometimes in mysterious ways, when I needed it. I was able to eat extremely well. I have always loved organic food and I was able to have full meals with freshly pressed juices or fresh fruit. Organic food is not cheap in South Africa, but I was able to eat whatever I wanted to eat. I travelled as usual by air. In fact, I did the things I wanted more than I could have done ever before the deprivation.

Yet, the learning experiences during the deprivation were not easy; even though it turned out that I had enough money to survive. It was a painful journey. In the beginning, not only did I worry, but also cried like a little baby. What I learnt when I look back at these experiences is that there is no need to worry. You might cry whenever something hurts, but not crying as though you have no hope. You know the reason I worried and cried so much? It was simply because I did not comprehend the ways of that which I call my God. Yet, I was taken care of wonderfully. I am not claiming that I now know the ways fully. At least, I understand how the provisions are made, and how they are sent to us. As such, I no longer worry. Usually, I know the signs when it is time for the provision to come.

That knowledge opened a new window of opportunities in my life. I simply ask God for    what I want and it is provided. When the provision does not come, I am patient knowing that it will come on time when I am ready to use it. There is no need for you to experience the same bumpy learning road that I trod during the time of my deprivation in 2010. I was all alone in a foreign country without anyone to lean on. I was afraid of what would happen to me during the delay of my scholarship money. Yet, friends, that which you believe in or that which you call your God will not abandon you or put you into dangerous situations. Sometimes, we drive ourselves into danger when we worry too much. We allow vulnerabilities to creep into our lives.

I am inviting you to share your experiences with me and others through this blog. Plausibly, we might help each other. I stopped worrying, and everything fell into place at the time that I needed it. In fact, that which I call my God kept replenishing my account the moment the account would reach its minimum allowable balance. I learnt a lot of experiences from that deprivation. Although it was a three to seven months deprivation, I found meaning in a lot of things, especially in small things that did not really matter to me before the deprivation.


© 2011 Chipo Gift K. Muponisi

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