share a life experience

share a life experience, where you lived a successful life without money


Sharing, Editing & Proofreading Manuscripts

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Purpose of this Project: I wish to invite discussions about my book, which is yet to be published. As such, I want you to post your analytical thoughts about my main theme. I argue that a person, who is experiencing financial hardships, can live a very successful life even without CASH. To support this argument, I document several real life experiences in times of financial crises. In view of this, send me your comments, questions & suggestions.


Progression Plans: Here is the order of how we shall progress with the discussions on my manuscripts. After having discussed the theme, we shall discuss my abstract; the method I used to document real life events; contents of the chapters; and conclusion.



My Firm Belief in Writers’ Support: I would like to believe that we writers can help each other to writer better books, articles, etc. When a writer comes up with an idea, we fellow writers, especially women writers,  can help that particular individual to polish up that idea through our comments, questions, suggestions, etc. Besides, when a writer has written something, we the writers’ community can help with editing and proof reading, as well as putting the ideas into a logical framework. This can be easily done through sharing ideas and experiences.


Expected Action from Fellow Writers:

  • I have shared briefly the theme of my book with you my fellow writers. Feel free to discuss it in a way that helps me polish my manuscript for publication. Let us discuss it, shall we!
  • Besides, feel free to post your own ideas or chapters from your manuscripts so that we can also help you deal with your editing and proof reading…
  • To share news about available writers’ conferences, seminars and workshops