Is It Faith Or Giving Up?

Listen to this audio-visual discussion about the thin line between faith and giving up!

Is It Faith or Giving up?

 There is a very thin line between faith and giving up. Often, several challenges come with severe pain. Consequently, some people give up. It is often easier to say, “I have faith in God” when a person has simply given up. One would say, “I have surrendered everything to God.” Yet, surrendering to God does not mean giving up. It means, inter alia, acknowledging that God is ever-present helping us in our troubles (Psalms 46: 1). Besides, God still wants us to fight for what is rightfully ours. For instance, He wants us to do something about our troubles, but not to sit idle waiting upon His provision (Genesis 1 & 2; Proverbs 31: 27; etc). This means that we must work towards the solution of our problems whether food, clothing, shelter, etc. Yet, we must have faith that God would do His part in whatever godly action we undertaken to deal with our challenges.

Therefore, when a person withdraws from life, that is not faith, it is dissociation. The term dissociation, not to oversimplify it, has to do with someone withdrawing from life to keep oneself into that innermost pocket of one’s own soul, where nobody can reach that person, not even oneself. Such a person is disconnected from many things, especially challenging experiences, noisy friends, tough jobs, etc. Besides, that person pushes away anything that approaches one’s life in ways associated with one’s past bad experiences. That is a psychological condition, requiring expert attention, although someone can get out of it without any external help. Yet, it is important that Christians seek expert advice when experiencing severe challenges constantly because such experiences might lead to a state if dissociation or other related psychological issues.

Finally, I am encouraging people to hold on to faith, and to be aware of situations when masquerading in the name of faith is simply giving up on life. Do not give up on faith or life. Instead, hold onto both faith and life.

I hope you enjoyed reading/listening to this week’s edition.

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