Importance of Daily-writing

An author keeps daily in tune with writing. A minimum of ten minutes is excellent to write something creatively each day. A good writer is one with the ability, inter alia, to use common words in unique ways. This requires playing with words: shifting arrangements, common meanings, etc. This grows with practice.

For example, I shrunk onto my chair, with a pen in my excited left hand, ready to exhibit my new ideas, heavy into the bosom of my belly, eager to burst out.

A reader can say several things about this sentence. That makes reading exciting, since a reader might wish to find out, why the author uses the word shrunk as opposed to sit, why announce that the author is left-handed, which ideas are new anyway, and why the author is eager to write, etc. Writing creatively helps to keep the reader alert, enjoy a piece of writing, become critical of the author. By so doing, the author engages with the reader. Thus, it is important to write daily whether one is a fiction or non-fiction author.

I hope that this rekindled your interest in writing. Share your views with me!

@  Chipo Feb . 2012


2 comments on “Importance of Daily-writing

  1. I agree with the author that we do indeed need to write every day inorder to perfect the art of writing and to keep the skill. It is not surprising that each time I go to the Bank I find people failing to write figures in words and most of the time you have to help them. If I was in that position I would drill the words every day write them on a separate piece of paper and copy from them when I get to the Bank.
    During the times when I have had to conduct literacy classes I have struggled to make my learners to write ENGLISH ENGLISH, meaning thinking in Enlgish and writing in English. The same goes with speech. However with practice everything falls in place.

    • Hey Charity, hi again!


      Thank you for keeping in touch on this writing discussion.

      I am glad to note that you have not only observed, but also witnessed some problems several people face, concerning their writing abilities during their banking transactions. I must hasten to add that these problems are also very rampant at the hospitals, mostly when filling in forms. Can you imagine how irritable it is for some patients to struggle with filling in a hospital form when they want immediate medical attention? I do not encourage a very ill person to fill in a form. Hospitals must have a system to deal with that. Yet, the reality is that several people struggle constantly with writing whether ill or well.

      Yet, several countries have very good educational systems from primary to secondary school, which include composition lessons in either English or other national languages. Besides, several graduates undergo diverse writing systems, which teach inter alia, self expression through writing. However, I think that some people lose their writing skills after graduating from high school or university due to lack of continuity in writing.

      I also think that today, the internet and cell phones, mostly the popular blackberry, add extremely to poor writing skills worldwide. Some people try saving money and time by reducing the number of words, and developing their own shorthand to communicate with others, which is good effort. Yet, this contributes to bad writing skills through time. Arguably, poor writing skills might exist mostly among the current generation partly because of their constant use of internet and cell phone communication skills and language. In addition, this is a generation in the fast lane. There is no sufficient time for several people to pause, reflect, and enjoy some basic things in life like writing and reading.

      This feels like we have lost that juicy part in writing. In the past, several people enjoyed both writing and receiving hard copy mails. It was often interesting for me to receive a letter, especially from abroad, and to read it aloud to my friends at school. Those were excellent moments in my life. Today, most mails are debatably written in a hurry without any careful consideration, without respect to grammar, and simply forwarded to friends, who might not read them. All in all, the internet and cell phone contribute to poor writing skills despite having introduced many good things like the writing software and other communication tools.

      Anyway, this argument does apply to all situations about poor writing skills. For instance, some people have no access to the internet or cell phone facilities. Yet, they have terrible writing skills. This means that poor writing skills comprise several plausible reasons, which I cannot unpack here. However, the point is that those who cannot write should try writing. Who Knows! They might end up loving writing, and it might help them in several ways.


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