Contradictions, contradictions…

I argue that we have to allow God to provide everything in our lives. I am NOT saying that we do nothing about our situation. We have to let Him take control of every corner of our lives. We have to consult God before, during and after we take any step. God created us, thus, He knows what is best for us.  If we interfere in His plans for us, we are likely to jeopardise our happy future by casting an erroneous one in the present. The universe principle is simple: God’s ways are neither our ways nor our plans His (Isaiah 55: 8).

We are likely to let God take control of our friends’ lives when we learn to allow  Him  to take charge of our own lives. It is hard to allow God to do things for our friends without our interference when we do not allow Him in our OWN lives to work wonders on His own.

Usually, we want sincerely to help God help our friends. Besides, we do not realise that we are trying to help God. We think that we are doing something good for our friend. Yet, we are sincerely wrong. There is no human that can help God because He is the source of the help in our lives.

We mean well, for example, when we speak positively about our friend to influence a job interviewer/employer to give a job to such a friend. Yet, we forget that we are actually being sincerely wrong when we influence the decisions of a  job-interviewer/employer on behalf of our friend. We are interfering with God’s ways of doing things.  God sees beyond our blurred vision. He sees the true heart of a job interviewer/employer. Thus, He knows when the job is right or wrong for our friend. As such, when we push things on behalf  of God for our friend to have a job, we are likely to get our friend a temporal job, since we have no ability to see inside a job interviewer’s/ employer’s heart. That is partly why; we often wonder what our friend did to lose a job months later! We forget that we interfered into the process of that friend to receive a job through God’s ways.

I am NOT saying that we cannot recommend friends for a job! There is a HUGE difference between making a recommendation and interfering with the process of acquiring a job. To recommend someone, we stress on one’s excellent skills, qualifications, etc and then we allow a job interviewer/employer to make one’s own decision whether to grant our friend a job or not. Yet, plausibly, interfering does not allow a job interviewer/employer to make one’s own decision.

Often, we do not see our act as interfering. As such, we do not consider it as something terribly wrong, since we have done it for so many years. Probably, we ourselves have survived in similar ways for years, acquiring jobs through shortcuts.

As such, we are shuttered terribly when our friend refuse to take such a job that we influenced a job interviewer/employers to give our friend a job through shortcuts. We get angry with our friend, and we do not want to help such a friend ever again after refusing to take part into our shortcuts.

What happened to the world that it lost the shame of acquiring jobs, relationships, money, etc through unacceptable means? let’s share the basics of life that we have lost with our friends, who often desire using unacceptable shortcuts to life!

Chipo G.K Muponisi

@ 2012 Feb. 26



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