A diary & a notebook for writing

It is wise for  a writer to always keep a pencil, pen, hardcopy diary, and a small note-book, which can fit easily into a handbag, etc. My note-book is so small that it fits also into my pockets. I make notes in my note-book as soon as something appeals to my writing senses. Thus, I carry my note-book wherever I go. It is a lifestyle for me to carry a note-book. Besides, I write my personal quotes into my  note-book as often as I can.

I also think that keeping a hard copy diary makes it easy to have access to a writing tool when possible. Each time I want to write something immediately, I simply do so without using my laptop or struggling to reach one. If you have an Ipad, or a mini laptop, you can keep a diary for easy access. I have two systems of keeping a diary:  the electronically generated diaries and hardcopy diaries…

Next Month, we are taking a different route, we shall begin writing a story…a short story for both adults and children…




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