Is every writer an artist?

My friend and I discussed art this afternoon. She argued that I am a well-rounded artist. Not only do I write, but also do other art-work like fabric-painting, fashion design, knitting , cooking, gardening, etc. She argued further, “Any writer is an artist of another thing in life.” I think that she was right to a large extent. Art develops creativity. It is possible for a writer to do other activities perfectly well, and for another artists to write well. Art  increases the ability to engage critically and clearly with life in its various forms. It is not surprising that artists have several skills.





Easter means different things to people in diverse places. I love a hot cup of chocolate and milk cookies during Easter. But, it is also a special time that I think about Jesus Christ and what he endured for my happiness. Today, I can’t imagine how Judas Iscariot did it! He ate with Christ, walked with Him, talked with Him, etc. Yet, he betrayed Christ.

This Easter made me think about the choice of SOME friends we make. It is important to consult God about friends because some people are never genuine friends. Just like Iscariot, they will eat with you, sleep in your house, drive your car, wear your clothes, cash your checks, etc. Yet, inside their hearts, they despise you for whatever reasons, and they wish you evil non-stop. They speak evil about you to tarnish your name. They hate you because they can never be you.

However, don’t worry because God says that He will correct any incorrect thing people say against you (Please read Psalms 109). If by any chance you have hurt somebody with intend to destroy that person in any way, pray that God forgives you, because the battle is not between you and that person you hurt, but it is between you and God. The question is whether you can fight God!!

Below is a song by Hezekiah Walker. He talks about how God favoured him when people slandered his name, plotted evil against him. It is an interesting testimony.