Can You treat a Face with this particular Chocolate? Find out in the short story below…

Laugh with me…

A friend came to see me this evening just after I finished having a bath. She was bubbling with joy, but I don’t know what the occasion was all about. She said, “Chipo! I brought you something special, and I know you would love it.” Before I said anything, she brought it out of her handbag, and tossed it towards me. Voila! I saw this creamy chocolate, sprinkled with hazelnuts,  just the way I like it.  By the way, it had ice-cream at the centre with a vanilla-strawberry aroma. Just imagine that! Thank you, I kept saying. Then she said in a strict voice, “Here is your facial remedy!” I wondered whether my face needed treatment. She went on, “This chocolate cures anything.” I was lost in a moment, but she continued lecturing me, “I mean anything. If you are having pimples, you just rub this chocolate  into your palms and apply it evenly onto your face, and wash it off the next morning.” I was very sure that she picked the wrong chocolate because the sugar in the ice-cream would certainly increase the pimples. I know the type of chocolate that some people use for facial treatment, but certainly not the one she brought. Yet, I didn’t care about her lecture because my mind was rolling onto that chocolate. So, while she was talking excitedly about her facial remedy, I curled quietly onto my bed, opened the chocolate, and put it chunk by chunk into the right place.  There it was,  in between my teeth, and above my tongue. I gobbled up that chocolate with my eyes closed, feeling its sweetness and its chill as it gushed down my throat. Suddenly, I got lost in that mouth-happiness.  When I returned to reality, I heard her screaming, “Do you understand? If you want to use chocolate as a facial remedy, you must be very strong.” I found this dialogue hilarious because I think that most people would eat this particular chocolate instead of using it to treat the facial skin. I had a wonderful-hilarious time with my friend.

NB: Unedited
@ Chipo May 2012



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