The Final Step to Weight Loss:

I promised you that I would give you my last secret to losing weight. I have already talked about drinking the slimmers’ drink and slimmers’ tea, and having enough sleep. Please, re-read those pages. Now, today, I am showing you how to boost your metabolism, which is cardinal to losing weight.

Boosting Metabolism:

  • Jump

It is very simple to boost your metabolism. You do not need much money or weight-loss medicine. You will need to jump over a rope. Buy yourself a jumping rope like the one I am having around my neck in the picture below.It is that cheap and simple. I have a trojan bicycle, but I no longer use it, because I  know now that the secret lies in a jumping rope.

@May 2012

  • Don’t Skip

I said that you must jump, but do not skip. It is also for this reason that I use the words jumping rope instead of skipping rope because I want you to jump over the rope instead of skipping. There is a difference between jumping and skipping. The verb to jump means to leap with both feet into the air at the same time (See picture below). But, the verb to skip means to leap into the air with one foot up while the other foot is still on the floor (See unpublished work of Muponisi, 2012). Jumping gives you more heart rate than skipping. That is how you lose weight.

  • Start Gradually
  1. If you have never jumped over a rope before (lamely put skipping), you must start by jumping without using a rope. Jump while imaging that you are passing a rope over your head and below your feet.
  2. On the first day, you will jump non-stop at least 50 times. This is known as a jumping session. A session is when you jump continuously without resting or stopping. Thus, 50 counts per session is enough for a beginner on day 1.
  3. You have to increase the session by 25 jumps each day.  For example, on the second day, you would have jumped at least 75 times in a single session. If it is not possible, stick to 50  counts per session until you are ready to move to 75 counts. You have to continue increasing the counts until you begin to jump 150-200 times per session.
  4. I jump Monday to Friday, and I did nothing during the weekends
  5. I made sure that the jumping became part of my daily routine to do other chores like bathing, eating, going to school, etc. I fused it well into my daily activities so that it did not stress me out.
  6. I made sure that I did not jump when I did not feel like doing so.
  7. My secret to weight loss involved  jumping 50 counts, 2 minutes before eating my main meal (dinner). This did not prevent me from going out. I simply sneaked into the ladies’ room, chose a toilet at the end of the row, and jump at least 50 counts. I washed my hands and got out to dine with my friends. Some of my friends knew this routine. So, they encouraged me during my weight loss programme. Sometimes, I jumped after retaining home, which was about 1-2 hours after dinner. It was interesting because I enjoyed it and I did not feel constrained because I was curious to know what the jumping before or after meals would do. I want to say that it was not per say the 200 count per session in the morning, which helped me reduce weight. That only helped me to keep my heart racing, hence being healthy. The jumps before and after meals, where the ones that helped me reduce weight.

My Lessons

I lost weight simply by jumping over a rope, 200 times in a single session. I did only one session per day in the morning before going to school. Yet, I also jumped 50 counts before or after my main meal, which was about 250 per entire day. There were days when I was very happy that I did more than 250 counts. After I had lost weight that was when I began to jump more than 250 counts per day. There were  days  I did 500 jumps, which I split into three sessions (200, 200, & 100), that was one in the morning, another one in the afternoon and the last one in the evening. Towards the end, I decided to find out if I could jump more. I discovered that I could jump 1000 times per day, split into two sessions, that is 500 counts  in the morning and 500 counts in the evening. Yet, I recommend that you to stick to 250 counts because that is what worked for me or if you want up to 500 counts per day. Do not stress yourself because you might stop enjoying your exercise and drop-out.

Kindly, let me know if these weight-loss activities help you meet the weight you want…





My Current target in 2012

I want to explore my jumping ability during this weight-loss exercise in 2012. Yesterday and today, I jumped 1000 times per day, which I split into two sessions, one in the morning and the last one in the evening.I hope to increase gradually, but I will stick to 1000 if it begins to hurt because I do not do exercise, which are painful. I just want to explore that possibility whether it is necessary for heavy-duty weight-loss programme. I am loving it and treating myself well during this exploration. If I do well, I drink a glass of juice, homemade from red grapes, strawberries, apples,  lemon, and oranges.


Copyright May 28, 2012 @ Chipo Muponisi


10 comments on “DAY 2: YES, YOU MUST JUMP, BUT DON’T SKIP

  1. Thank you for the insight. I do try to jump/skip at least 1000 times a day, all at a go, at least once a week. I hope to be more consistent.

    • Ok…go for it friend…

      – I use 1 bashful of red grapes
      – strewberries are half the amount of red grapes
      – 1 apple
      – 1 orange
      – quarter lemon if the grapes and strewberries are too sweet, but if they are soury, avoid adding lemon…we use a lemon only to balance the sweetness…


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