Slimmers’ Programme

**Do not forget to drink your slimmers’ drink and tea, which I talked about on day 1  and 2 (May 27 & 28)


As I said earlier, you do not have to adjust your food drastically. Just reduce the fats, salt and sugar intake. Remember that your food reduction happens naturally. O n DAY 4, you are likely to feel very full after eating your usual food dinner portions. Thus, on DAY 5, I want you to prepare the same amounts of food that you eat daily. If you felt a little uncomfortable on DAY 4 after eating your dinner, I would like you to reduce your usual food amount by one eighth (1/8). If you continue feeling too full on Day 6, reduce your food by another 1/8. Otherwise, you must not reduce your food portions urgently, and never make drastic (large) changes because weight loss from such adjustments is temporal.


If you noticed, so far I have not told you how much time you need to spend on your jumping exercise. I talked only about the counts you have to do as a beginner, and the sessions (morning and evening). Yet, I did not  tell exactly how much time you have to spend on jumping in each single session. The main reason being that you must first develop the interest in jumping, and afterwards you must learn timing yourself. The focus is not on time, but on your ability to jump. Assuming that you have been jumping at least twice in a day (morning and evening), it is time for you to monitor the amount of time you spend on jumping 250 times. So, mark your start and end time, for example from 07:30 to 07: 55 hours. This becomes your baseline time up on which you will measure your improvement. The secret is not to put pressure on yourself by setting time goals, which you cannot manage. When you master the skill of jumping, timing comes easily. The reason you have decided to lose weight must always encourage you to exercise alone without someone pushing you to do so. If you can not manage, start a blog, it will help you commit to your blog members. They might encourage when you seem to lose focus…enjoy your weight loss programme…

DAY 4 for me

As  usual after drinking my slimmers’ drink, I stretched from 07: 00-07:10 hours (10mins)

My morning session: I jumped 1000 counts from 07: 29-07:46 hours (about 17mins)

My evening session: I jumped 550 counts from 17:46- 17:56 hours (about 10mins)

NB: Remember that you only need 250-500 jumps per day if you are a beginner. I am doing more simply because I am researching on the possibility of increasing the jumps, and the impact  on the slimming programme…

Unedited  discussions…copyright @ chipo muponisi May 31, 2012



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