DAY 33: I Lost So Much Weight, See for Yourself!


I am extremely excited because I LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT IN 1 MONTH AND 5 DAYS ONLY.  I was not ready for this weight loss, hence the need for me to celebrate it this weekend. I measure my weight loss in Inches. On average, I lost 3 inches. The least weight loss was around the knees, where I lost 1 inch, and the second least was around my chest/breast, where I lost 1.5 inches. Below is my weight BEFORE my weight loss programme and NOW.

(1) Waist around the black spot was 32 inches before

Waist around the black spot is 28.8 inches,  I rounded it off to 29 inches now

(I lost 3 inches around the waist on my black spot)



Weight around my waist on the black spot BEFORE




Weight around my waist (black spot) is 28.8 inches NOW.


weight around my waist on the black spot rounded off to 29 inches from 28.8 inches NOW


3 inches lost around my waist on the black spot


(2) Waist slightly above the belly button was 33 inches before

Waist slightly above the belly button is 29.5 inches now

(I lost 3.5 inches around the waist above my navel)



Weight around my waist slightly above the belly button BEFORE




Weight around my waist above the belly button is NOW 29.5 inches


3.5 inches lost around my waist slightly above the belly button


(3) Waist around abdomen was 34 inches before

Waist around abdomen is 31.8 inches now

(I lost 2.2 inches around my waist-abdomen area)


(4) Hips around the middle was 43.2 inches before

Hips around the middle is 40 inches now

(I lost 2.8 inches around my hips)


(5) Knees around its centre was 16.5 inches before

Knees around its centre is 15.5 inches now

(I lost 1 inch around my knees)


(6) Chest around the breasts was 37 inches before

Chest around the breasts is 35.5 inches now

(I lost 1.5 inches around my chest/breast)


Today, June 29, is such a wonderful and memorable day for me:

  1. Firstly, I jumped 1,700 counts in about 33 minutes from 11:47 to 12: 20 hours.  I am still excited because I wanted to hit another personal record, which I did.
  2. Secondly, I made another record for myself because I jumped 9, 100 counts this week, in 5 days—Monday to Friday (Monday I did 2100; Tuesday 1, 500; Wednesday 2, 200; Thursday 1, 600; and Friday 1, 700; and the grand total time is 2 hours 59 minutes). I am very happy with myself for having improved tremendously.




 Next week, we move into the second phase of our exercises…




The EVE’S DAY  in Weight loss programme

I am sure that some of you have never heard about the eve’s day in weight-loss programme although you have heard about eve days like Christmas eve, New year’s eve and so on.

I decided to call today my EVE’S DAY because today is the EVE of my first weight-loss measurement. I have exercised for a month and four days now. I still have four months to go. However, tomorrow, which is Friday July 1, I will do my first weight measurement to see whether I have lost some weight. I am very excited and looking forward to my tomorrow.

You have also come a long way with me in this weight-loss programme. I urge you to stick around no matter what the results might show us tomorrow

My Dinner

I cooked and enjoyed a nice meal below (chicken-stew in mushroom sauce, fried rice and cabbage) to celebrate my eve’s day.

@chipo muponisi



I had a great day and I hope that you also had a great day. This morning, I did 1, 600 in 29 minutes. And because I am excited about tomorrow, I decided to do my entire jumping on the video. I managed at least to record 1000 jumps in 20:57 minutes before running out of space on my video, and did 600 jumps off camera.



I use the word intermittent jumping to mean discontinuous jumping. I argue that some situations might require that you jump intermittently over a period of hours in a single day to lose weight. I am not referring to the act of jumping discontinuously within minutes, but to jumping intermittently within long hours of a day. For instance, if your target is to do 500 jumps per day, you might choose to spread that 500 over a long period of hours from 13:00 to 17:00hours. There are several reasons you might choose to jump intermittently such as being busy with your work, children, studies, etc. Intermittent jumps are favourable when you are working from home or a place where movement is limited. It helps you circulate the flow of blood, and it enables you to exercises within your job. The secret is jumping, and you can also to jump with or without a rope (meaning jumping imaging that you are using a rope). As I said above, intermittent jumping is important because it allows you to exercise while doing other activities and it helps you to circulate the blood mostly when your job or other daily activities do not make you move often. Intermittent jumping has a slight limitation though because the impact is less effect than when you jump continuously within minutes between RESTS of 1 or 2 minutes. I must be quick here to point out here that you must not confuse intermittent jumping with continuous jumping, which allows you to rest/take a break for 1 or 2 minute while jumping (See the video on the meaning of a session, a count and rest to avoid confusing a rest to intermittent jumping).

Today, I did a combination of Intermittent and continuous jumping I did a total of 2, 200 jumps today. Firstly, I jumped intermittently from 11:42 to 13: 48 doing 1, 100 jumps. Later in the early evening, I jumped continuously from 17:46 to 18:07, which is about 22 minutes doing 1, 100 jumps again. I am happy because I am not letting my busy school schedule disrupt my exercise routine, or let my exercises disrupt my studies.

I have done intermittent jumps before. In fact, when I lost weight for the first time using a jumping rope, I jumped intermittently, but not continuously.

@Chipo Muponisi, unedited posts




 I did 1, 500 JUMPS in the evening for about 29 minutes from 18:47 to 19:17 hours. I am happy that I made it even when I did not have sufficient time to exercise both in the morning and afternoon.

Last week, someone wanted to know if I do get challenges during my weight-loss programme. Today is an example of those challenges. I would probably not call them challenges, but hurdles that we have to crossover to reach our destination. The word hurdle is more positive than challenge, which spells negativity. The word hurdle denotes fun because we take our weight-loss exercises like a game, where we enjoy as we compete with ourselves.

I woke up late today. As a result, I rescheduled my exercises to afternoon. Knowing that our residence cleaners would come in the morning to do their weekly cleaning, I did not work on my thesis this morning because I did not want the cleaners to disturb me, since I was working from flat today due to the cold weather. However, the cleaners came late in the afternoon instead of the morning. This affected both my exercises and studies schedule. Thus, I prioritised my studies over exercise, and worked on my thesis from 13:45 to 17:45. A friend called me after 17:00 hours. She wanted to pop-by since we have not since each other from last Friday. Therefore, I decided to take a break from my thesis immediately she came. Her visit became both a break and social time. I was glad to accommodate her in my schedule, and take time to rest from my studies. After she left, I did my weight-loss exercises. Later, I took a bath, which I enjoyed very much. Now, I am watching TV and drinking hot tea before resuming to my studies for another hour before sleeping.

I hope that this scenario shows that exercises come with huddles, some of which we create, and some of which are beyond our control. We can learn to do something about those huddles instead of complaining, and dropping out of our weight-loss programmes. Yet, we must never pressure ourselves into doing exercises if huddles are just too much in our way to do anything effective. The secret is flexibility. When huddles come, we must be ready to reschedule quickly our daily activities, and prepare our minds to conduct our activities as rescheduled. I am glad that I rescheduled even though I am not obliged to do exercises daily because I do them in my own time. I am glad that God ensured that I never missed any single day, since I began exercising although on two occasions I did less jumps. I am excited and looking forward to Friday when I will measure my weight lost so far.


I mimic my title for today from Susan Boyle’s song: WILD HORSES. I dedicate below this song to you for having come this far into this weight-loss programme. It is not easy to stay on track without missing a day in 30 days. Thus, we need to celebrate God’s grace during our exercise. Let’s look forward to Friday, and see what happens on Friday…

In the meantime, please continue sharing your experiences with me. I know that a lot of you have kept your identity private by communicating through private emails. Yet, I hope that you can come out in the open so that others can learn from you. So far, it is mostly my experiences that others are readily about. Allow me to share your experience only if you feel comfortable about the idea.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post



If you eat more in winter than any other season, then you might find that doing weight-loss exercises is like running up-the-hill. This means that exercising for weight loss might be very challenging if you eat more than usual in winter.

You would probably agree with me that several people eat more than usual in winter for various reasons. Some spend long-hours indoors keeping warm, and they eat more than usual in the process. Some reduce movements, and consequently put on weight. Others claim that the cold increases their appetite. A friend told me yesterday that she eats much in winter because she drinks a lot of tea to keep warm. As per her tradition, it is a must that she drinks tea with bread or cakes.

If that is the case, you have choices to make. Choose that particular option, which works for you. Yet, if you have no option, you can choose from the following;

  1. You can try as much as possible to eat only enough
  2. If you cannot control your eating, you must increase the amount of jumps you do per day. I advise that you jump 1 hour after eating food rich in carbohydrates and fats.
  3. You can also substitute carbohydrates and fats with vegetable and/or fruit salads using the products, which you love eating
  4. Avoid eating carbohydrates and/or fats before bed time
  5. Always remember the main reason you began exercising to lose weight

Today, June 25, 2012

I am extremely happy because I did 2, 100 jumps, which is 1, 600 jumps during the morning session for about 36 minutes from 11:50-12:26 hours, and 500 in the evening for about 5 minutes. I also did my body stretches from 11:28 to 11:37. I made my slimmers’ drink from oranges only because I did not feel like tasting tomatoes, vegetables and apples in my juice this morning. I also made my ginger tea as usual. Tomorrow, I plan to use turmeric instead of ginger to make my tea. Thus, the ingredients would be turmeric, green-tea, honey, and lemon.

Generally, I am very happy that I jumped more than I thought I would do today because I did not want to exercise initially. I was feeling lazy to jump. The moment I thought about my main reason for going on this weight loss programme, I jumped and recorded part of my jumping on video. I hope that you are also working round some huddles in your weight loss programme.

I am also glad today because I avoided eating 3 bananas and 1 coconut doughnut, which I saw in my kitchen after having my dinner and sweet course. I glad because I love bananas and to eat only 1 out of 3, was a really a success story. Anyway, I was already full from my dinner, so eating bananas and doughnut would not have been sweet course, because I had already drunk tea and biscuits for my sweet course. I might sound contradictory because I am against drastic food reductions during weight loss programmes. If you recall, I say always that you do not have to trim your diet to drastic measures. I still stick to that choice. But, what I am talking about here is eating for no reason at all, or eating simply because you have seen the food in your fridge. That is not necessary. If you overcome such a challenge, then congratulate yourself for the triumph because it is those unnecessary and unnoticed food intakes, which lead to weight gain.   

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post




It is a special activity, which you do to help you complete the first part of the weight-loss programme and continue to your second part and so on. The first part is the first four weeks (which is the 1st Month of the weight-loss programme), while the second part is the next four weeks (which is the 2nd month), and so on. You must do your stock-taking on the last day of the 3rd week  of each month before going into its 4th week. Therefore, you want to know the following:

  1. What has been your input in terms of energy spent doing your exercises?
  2. What have been other investments in your exercises in terms of time, money, social life, etc?
  3. How do you rate your performance and input?
  4. Which way from now?



It is important to know how much energy you have invested in your exercises. If you feel like dropping-out of your own weight-loss programme, and you have already done so much in first three weeks, it is possible to continue to the next round of exercises in the following month. Yet, if you have done very little, it is possible to drop-out when you lose  interest along the way. The first thing that keeps you going with this programme is the amount of energy you invest in it. Note that, it is not the money, which keeps you going because this is a very cost-effective programme. You spend very little money to do the exercises. It is your input in terms of energy that keeps you going to the next level.


Record Keeping, and Self Assessment

If you recall, I recommended that you keep a record, preferably a hard copy of your daily exercises and other related activities. I argued earlier against using a computer to keep records because it breaks the speed needed to do exercises without breaking the heart beat,  and it reduces the joy of doing exercises. If you want to keep your data in a soft copy, then you can do it at a later stage. It is important for you to keep your own records even when your helper is present. You need to be in charge and to stay in touch with any tiny detail in your  data. This is necessary for you to follow closely on your developed and to shape the direction of your weight-loss destiny. If you ask someone else to enter the data from your hard copy into your computer, it is possible for that person to enter the data incorrectly because he/she might not understand some of your shorthand. Trust me! You try as much as possible to summarise your data so that you focus on exercising. Yet, the choice is yours whether you want to enter the data at all, or you want to do it personally or someone else has to do it for you. I do not know how you would feel at the end of the week or month to discover that you have no record of what you did, and so you cannot tell clearly your input! That is why; I recomment you deal with your data in the simply way you can.

Another important thing to remember is what I said earlier that you MUST set your own goals and assess your performance based on your goals. If you try to jump after another person, it is possible that you might under jump or over jump, and drop-out.


1. Keep a record on your INITIAL weight—that is the body weight at the start of the weight loss programme. This measurement is not done using a scale, but using a measuring tape. If you remember, I said earlier that you need to measure your chest, bust, waist in three areas, buttocks, hips, and knees. You need also to know exactly where you took the measurements on your body. Thus, keeping photos with measures helps. For example, I have a few spots on my body, which makes it easy to remember the exact areas, where I take the initial measurements. Keeping the record on your initial weight is important because you would need it to calculate your weight loss in the 4th week.

 E.g. A record of my Initial weight


@chipo muponisi

My initial weight in inches


2. Keep a record on your PROPOSED daily activities—You need to make a list of activities, which you want to be doing daily during your weight-loss programme. It might be a continuation of your usual activities before your weight-loss programme, or it might be new activities, or a mixture of old and new ones. It is important to make this list because your weight-loss programme MUST FIT into your daily activity routine. If you recall my earlier recommendation, I argued that your weight loss programme must not feel like an extra activity. Otherwise, it feels like a burden. I suggested that you INJECT your weight-loss programme within your weekly activities and leave the weekends clean so that your body treats exercises as part of your work schedule. The daily activities list helps you check whether you are balancing your life now that you have began exercising. In other words, your weight-loss programme must not disturb other equally important activities if you want to continue with your programme. Going back to the list helps you reshuffle activities, and enjoy your life.

E.g. A record of my proposed-daily activities

@chipo muponisi june

I fit my exercises into my daily routine


 3. Keep a record on body stretches and warm ups, and Jumps—This is the MOST important record of them all because it shows the actual energy you invest into your exercises on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly and quarterly basis. It is core also because it shows the total number of jumps, which you do per day, per week, month, and so on. It shows also the types of exercises you do to stretch your body and to warm up. It indicates also the total time spent on body stretches and warm ups, and jumping. In terms of body stretches, it helps to adjust exercises when the body  aches. In terms of jumping, it helps to calculate the jumps and time spent exercising, which helps you see you energy investment. You can also make general comments on your performance daily.

 E.g. A record of my daily body stretches and warm ups, and jumps


@Chipo Muponisi

Week 1: body stretches-warm ups, and jumps

@Chipo muponisi

week 2: Body stretches-warmups, and jumps


Week 3: Body stretches-warm ups, and jumps


@chipo muponisi

Week 3 and half: Body stretches-warm ups, and jumps


4. A record on OTHER investments—It is important to know how you are spending your energy or little money on activities related to your exercises. For instance, it is important to know how much effort you spend making your fruit and vegetable drink for your exercises, and the tea from ginger, honey, onion, garlic, and green tea. These might seem irrelevant, but you might be the person doing the actual preparations, or you might be required to clean up after using the kitchen utensils. All, you might be required to clean before and/or after exercising from a specific area in your house. In terms of cost, it is important to check how much you are investing in your exercise monetary. Although I have designed this weight-loss programme to be cost-effective, that word is relative meaning different things to different people in different areas. If you are living on a farm that grows oranges throughout the year, or any other usable fruit, it might be cost-effective. Or if you are working, and your salary is okay, it might be cost-effective. Yet, it might not be cheap comparing it within oneself depending on circumstances. Otherwise, it is a lot cheaper than several other programmes that need monetary and material resources. Besides, a record on other investments helps you go beyond exercises to nature and treat yourself positively. If you can afford, you might want to invest in things that help you discover yourself more and support both your inner and outer image, which is also a great way of focusing on yourself because often people spend time focusing on work, school, family, etc.

 E.g A record on my other investments, which are a must

A) Fresh Oranges are a must, in their absence use lemons

@Chipo muponisi

oranges, apples, tomatoes, vegetable, pepper 


B) Foam baths to relax my body at least 3 times per week during exercises


@chipo muponisi

My foam bath during the 1st month of weight-loss


C) Lemon grass oil to burn essence at least once or twice per week


@chipo muponisi

I love the smell of essence in my flat, and I make sure that during the weight-loss it is always there for relaxing, or while watching a great movie with friends



Friday is often a short day for me because I have to prepare for worship after school. Normally, I only jump and body stretch in the mornings on Friday, but I make sure that I do the exercises, which cover input for both the morning and evening. This morning, I did 1, 500 jumps in about 24 minutes (09:53-10:16 hours). Then, after adding my weekly performance, I noticed that I was lacking only 150 jumps to break a huge record for me. Therefore, I became excited and did 350 extra jumps in 4 minutes instead of 150 jumps.

Therefore, for the first time in my history of the jumping exercises, I did a total of 8, 200 jumps per week (Mon 2000 in 38mins, Tue 1,500 in 29 minutes, Wed 1,650 32 minutes, Thurs 1, 200 in about 23 minutes, Fri 1,850 in 28 minutes, the weather was great today). I stretched my body and warmed up each day before jumping in a total of 53 minutes (15, 10, 10, 08, &10) and I spent and around 2 hours 25 minutes to do the total jumps, which is a grand total of 3 hours 18 minutes this week, which was really great.

This was a tremendous week. I improved on jumping greatly. I was really excited and I am still excited, and I am looking forward to next week so that we can measure and see if at all I have lost some weight.



Week 1, I did 5, 929 (I have to check again because I did more). I was very excited to start the programme

Week 2, I did 5, 808. I was still excited with exercises, but I did not do well that week Friday

Week 3, I did 5000. I was still excited although the workshop interfered with my exercises

Week 3 and half (Since I started on May 27), I did 8, 200. It is the best week for me.

I have done a total of 24, 937, which 3 hours on average per week. I have not yet entered the data on excel for the actual calculation…I just feel great

Above all, I am grateful to God for good health, shelter, food, etc, which contributed to my great performance so far. Next week, we shall look forward to the output so that we can check how much weight I have lost.

My Wish

I wish to have a watch, which counts both the jumps and time spent. I have looked in the shops for such a stop watch, but I cannot find one yet.


@chipo muponisi

I am searching for a stop watch, which can count JUMPS and record time per jump

 @ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post





Although it is very easy to decide on jumping, it is NOT always easy to do the actual  jumping. As a result, you end up rescheduling or postponing jumping to another day. Otherwise, if jumping was easy, we would be having it daily, at the same time, and we would all be slender.

If you recall last week, I faced several challenges, where I had to choose between attending a workshop and jumping. I had to prioritise what is important to me. I chose jumping over a workshop on research because I want to lose weight and keep fit. I have researched for various organisations and institutions for several years. So, there was no need for me to choose the workshop. Thus, I chose me. Perhaps, that is why it seems as though my jumping is easy because that is what I really want.

Yesterday was another day when I could not jump according to my schedule. I told you in yesterday’s article that I woke up late because I slept late having eaten biscuits in the evening/night. But, I also mentioned that when I woke up, I missed my parents so much after having thought of father’s day. So, I prioritised what is important to me and that is my father instead of jumping. As a result, I did not jumping in the morning because I took time write an article about my father for belated father’s day. Now, since jumping is equally important, I had to do my jumping in the evening.

Take for instance today, I did not jump in the morning, I jumped in the evening after 19:00 hours because in the morning I felt imperative to work on my thesis immediately I woke up because I wanted to write while my thoughts were fresh about a certain argument. Thesis is important to me than jumping. Now since jumping is equally important, I had to jump at 19:01 to 19:28 hours.

This shows you that it is never completely easy to jump. If you want to keep consistency, you need to find out what really matters to you, and why you are really jumping. And, that is why I manage because I am convinced that jumping is very important to me. Other people suggest joining a support group. I have reservations on support group because some can be very helpful, but others can actually make you lose interest in your exercises. That is why; I really insist that think of why you really want to lose weight each time you feel like quitting.



If the actual jumping never made your muscle ache, never made you feel tired and running out of breath, all of us would have been slender. I want to say that the actual jumping is never always easy, but you can reduce its difficulty by following my prescription. I re-echo what I said earlier on May 27 through to 29 that it becomes easy to jump if you do the following:

1. DRINK at least 1 litre, if you can’t, at least 500ml of the slimmers’ drink or ANY simple orange juice made from fresh oranges at home before and/or during the jumping. The juice gives you energy that helps you to jump with joy.

 2. You MUST always take the brief REST between jumping sessions, and breath in deeply and breath out slowly.

3. It is also VERY important to stretch your body muscles, and to warm up before jumping.

4. You MUST always eat your full meals—breakfast, especially lunch and supper.

5. Above all, you must ENJOY jumping because your purpose for jumping should keep you smiling as you jump



You must be interested in more than jumping. For example,

• Keep a hard copy RECORD of your daily jumps so that you can easily access your progress daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and quarterly.

• Record your strange food cravings, and see how you beat the cravings and how you sometimes fail

• Record any interesting lesson. For example, I share my experiences with you on this blog. It helps me to stay in tune, and to keep going even when I don’t feel like because there is always something new I learn doing exercises, which I want to share with you

• Study your body, your moods, and other developments worth noting during exercises


My Jumps for today,

I jumped 1, 200 counts in 28 minutes from 19:01 to 19:28. You can actually imagine, I switched on my video during today’s exercises so that you can see how I jump. However, when I finished jumping, I realised that I forgot to press the record button. The video would have given you a clue about how I actually manage to do 1000 jumps and above. Perhaps, I might to record tomorrow morning although Friday is not the right timing because it is the last jumping day of the week.


 I hope that this encourages you to jump!

Cheers @Chipo Muponisi unedited post



I noticed that my skin tone has changed for the better. It has become light, soft, smooth, elasticised, and it bounces off when I touch it. It looks so healthy. I think that the body stretches and jumping I do everyday has contributed to this improvement. I think also that drinking at least 1 litre of my homemade fruit-vegetable juice, and homemade ginger, honey, onion, garlic tea improved my skin tone. I feel great.

A Lesson in general about Sweet Food at Night

I have noticed that eating biscuits or any sweet thing after 20:00 or 21:00 hours during the weight loss programme keeps you energetic and very awake at night when you are supposed to be sleeping. When you are exercising, your body is very alert, and it digests everything you put into it. You are likely to stay alert and energetic for 8 hours after eating sweet things. I advise that you do not eat any sweet food after 20:00-21:00 hours if you want to sleep well. I noticed that each time I ate biscuits at night; I fail to sleep on time. Yesterday, I ate the White-Chockits biscuits; I stayed awake until in the wee hours of the morning. Thus, I decided no more biscuits at night.


I did my weight-loss exercises in the evening today. I woke up late because I slept late partly because I worked on my thesis until 01:00AM, and mainly because I ate the white chocolate biscuits. Thus, I did 1, 650 in 32 minutes from 17:46 to 18:18. I am very happy with my progress.

Activity not connected to exercises

I wrote an article on my father, since we celebrated father’s day on Sunday, and I did not have enough time to write an article on him. It is my tradition to write something about my parents on father’s or mother’s day, and document that for my nieces when they grow up.

@Chipo Muponisi, Unedited post June 20, 2012

DAY23: Three Short Demos about How to Jump

Dear Friends,

I received your private emails, and I promise that I would find time to reply privately to your concerns by tomorrow morning. Yet, I found something common in your emails. Thus, I decided to look around my computer files and retrieve some videos I short earlier this month to explain briefly the following issues in weight loss programme:

  1. the difference between skipping and jumping
  2. the exact spot on each foot, where you must land when jumping
  3. the meaning of a session, a count, and a rest in jumping


Kindly, let me know if these basic raw videos fail to explain some of your questions.  Don’t worry about the poor quality of the video, but check for the message! Besides, I recommend you to read my articles, which I posted on May 27-30 for you to understand these videos fully.







 Today, one day after setting my record

I am feeling great this morning. Yesterday, I set my record (See article entitle DAY 22…). This morning, I observed that I have no negative impact for having done 2000 jumps yesterday during my morning session, which took about 38 minutes. This is mainly because I did not feel any body aches and partly because I managed to do 1, 550 jumps this morning, as usual after drinking my slimmers’ drink. I feel fabulous. Right now,  I am working happily on my thesis from the library, while sipping on my tea made of ginger, honey, lemon, white onion, and garlic. I am looking forward to my lunch at 12:30 hours, and I am also looking forward to my evening for my last session, and for a warm meal. I hope that my exercises are helping you as well.

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post


This weight loss programme is interesting because not only does it help you to lose weight, but it also helps you to know yourself better, and to know your greatest potential. As I said earlier, creativity makes you enjoy your exercises, and keeps you going-on. I suggest that you break a record within your own set standards. For example, if you have done 200 jumps per day, you might want to increase that target to limits beyond your imagination just for one day or once in a while. Thus, you may want to do 500 jumps per day. It is important for you to find out your most potential. Otherwise, you might never know what you are definitely good at.


I maximised my jumping potential. I was surprised to do 2000 jumps in the morning for about 38 minutes (11:47-12:24). This is a record for me because I did not know that I can actually do 2000 jumps without feeling exhausted. I kept going on and on. I am still studying its impact on my body, but so far, I feel great. My body is not exhausted in any way. I saw the amount of sweat on my body and hair. It felt like a bucket of water was poured over my head. I think that for those who would like to lose weight quickly, probably this might be their solution.


I observed that my weight loss programme provides a platform for an individual to engage into self meditation as one exercises. As you count your jumps per session, and as you move from one session to another, you get cut off from other thoughts on your mind because you focus only on jumping, counting, and timing. This is one way of detaching self from work and other life pressures during your exercises. I argue that you, who exercise have much fulfilled lifestyles. The exercises offer an opportunity for you to focus on what is important, and that is YOU. Therefore, I urge everyone to exercise at least four times a week.