This weight loss programme does not need you to exercise during the weekend. Certainly, you must drink the slimmers’ drink and tea. Yet, you must never jump during the weekend unless your work schedule includes the weekends. Even so, you must design your exercise routine in such a way that there is enough rest for your body. Your body needs to know that it is resting during the weekends. This is important for your body to do well in the subsequent days. If you exercise during the weekend, you make your body believe that the exercise is not part of your weekly work routine. This sends a message that you are working excessively. In view of this, you would need only 50 jumps before your main meal on Saturday, and Sunday. Therefore, relax by doing the sweet things you love to do.


Today on Day 5, I jump 1100 counts during the morning session for 26 minutes (09:39-10:05am). I have not jumped this evening because I arrived late from school. It is fine because I jumped more in the morning.


It is very important to reflect about what you did throughout the week. Therefore, you must examine how you feel about your performance, and how your body feels after the entire exercises. For example, I feel great, happy, excited, and forward-looking. My body feels great and I have slept well enough and on time unlike before. I’m grateful to God that I did not tear my muscle during the stretches and jumps although I have a faint body ache at the back of my right shoulder. I will massage it rightly. I am also glad that I did not eat too less  or too much to disturb the weight-loss programme. I enjoyed preparing the slimmers’ drink and tea every morning. I enjoyed also cooking fresh food every evening. I am grateful to God that I just had a great week. My entire week’s performance is as follows:

  • I woke up daily in the morning for my devotion and meditation
  • I prepared my slimmers’ drink and tea
  • I drunk the slimmers’ drink before exercising
  • I stretched my muscles for 10 minutes daily after drinking the slimmers’ drink
  • I drunk intermittently the slimmers’ tea daily in the afternoon between 12:00 and 17:00 hours
  • I jumped every day for 5 days both in the morning (between 07: 20 and 10: 10 hours) and in the evening (between 17:00 and 18:00 hours), and my total jumps are as follows:

           Monday 1000 (500  jumps in the morning and 500  in the evening)–(NO TIMING)

          Tuesday 1000 (600  jumps in the morning and 400  in the evening)–(NO TIMING)

         Wednesday 1269 (1019  jumps in the morning and 250  in the evening)–(NO TIMING)

        Thurs 1550 (1000  jumps in the morning and 550 in the evening)–(21 mins morning & 10 mins evening)

        Friday 1100 (1100  jumps in the morning)–(26 minutes)

        *Interruption: Friday, I did not jump in the evening, since I returned late from school

                                                                        Have a lovely weekend!



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