To answer this frequently asked question?

I would like to answer a question before discussing exercise procrastination. Some girls have asked me as we meet in the library about their food cravings. They are saying that the jumping makes them feel hungry, and increases their appetite. They are right because this exercise increases the appetite, mind clarity, energy, etc. Yet, you would only feel hungry if you are not drinking the slimmers’ drink and tea as I recommended earlier (See articles posted on May 27, 28, and 29). The slimmers’ drink has a lot of energy that makes you feel full for a long time. Even though it cleans your systems, it leaves you feeling full. If you want to stay full for a very long time, then you must not sieve the slimmers’ drink. It means that you must drink it with its dregs from fruits and vegetables. However, on average, a sieved slimmers’ drink would keep you feeling full from 07:00 hours to 12:00 hours as you drink it intermittently. Thus, you feel full if you do the right thing by following my instructions. Please read those articles again (May 27-29).

Procrastination on the 8th Day 

You are likely to be procrastinated on the 8th day of your weight-loss programme. This means that you might not have the desire continuing with your exercises although you might continue drinking your slimmers’ drink and tea. To begin with, I would like to find out how you spent your weekend. Did you rest like I recommended? I hope that you did not do any exercises, but you must have jumped at least 50 counts before or after your main meal on Saturday and Sunday; you must also have drunk your slimmers’ drink and tea; you must have relaxed, and socialised with your friends. The point was for you to treat yourself well enough, to pay attention to your body, needs, and desires without focusing on your weight-loss programme for at least two days in a week. I hope that you enjoyed your rest.

Today, you are back to your weight-loss programme. You must always check how you feel about continuing with your exercises after the weekend of leisure. I expect you to feel kind off tired, and to be a little less eager to continue with your exercises. It is very normal. However, if you move past today, you would run smoothly throughout the week. Yet, it is not a must that you must do your exercises when you do not feel like. The strategy is for you to make sure that you do at least something–jump as much as you can without stressing yourself. You might not jump as much as you did last Friday or Thursday, but try to start somewhere, and you would pick up by Day 9. The second strategy is to remember always the main reason you embarked on the weight-loss programme. That, which you want to do, would inspire you to jump perhaps more than you intend to do.

How did I deal with my procrastination this morning?

Trust me! Procrastination doesn’t just happen with writing, but also with exercises. Today, the 8th day of my weight-loss programme, I woke up at 07:00 hour. Yet, I could not go straight into my exercises until 09:33 hours. I had my prayers and meditation actually before 09:33 hours, but I could not exercise immediately. After having analysed my feelings during the meditation, I realised that I felt procrastinated because I did not have urge to do my exercises although I wanted to do so. I kept focusing on the number of jumps that I have to make each day. This discouraged me when I thought about the total jumps. Therefore, I devised a plan to deal with my procrastination. I decided to shoot a video about my weight-loss exercises. The thought of posting this video online, encouraged me to stretch my body and do my jumping with ease. As a result, I did work-outs for 10 minutes, and jump 1, 400 counts (1000 counts in the morning and 400 in the evening) in 38 minutes. Secondly, the thought of where I want to be after my weight-loss programme, encouraged me to do my exercises. As a result, I made sure that I drunk my slimmers’ drink before my exercises and continued drinking it intermittently until 11:15 hours shortly before my lunch. After that, I drunk my slimmer’s tea intermittently from 13:00-17:00 hours. I went to the library and did better than I would have done if I did not do any exercises at all. I feel great and excited. I am looking forward to tomorrow. I hope that you have also found a way of dealing with your exercise procrastinations in your weight loss programme.

  All the best!


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