Mix Fun with Exercises

Body stretches and Dance

I want to share another secret–dance–to help you sustain your weight loss exercises. I recommend that after stretching your body, play music with a fast temp that makes you shake your body to induce sweat. Have fun dancing!  The dancing helps to warm up your body and prepares it for jumping.  It also breaks the monotony of moving from body stretches to jumping. At least, the dance spices the stretches and jumps, which are essential to weight loss.

Today, I stretched by body and danced from 11:53 to 12:21 hours (about 24 minutes). I had a lot of fun and a lot of sweat. After dancing, I jumped 1, 200 counts from 12:23 to 12:43 hours. I did 400 jumps in the evening.

To answer some of your questions…

  1. What is the difference between skipping and jumping ? There is a difference between skipping and jumping. I explained earlier in May 2012. When you are skipping, you jump lifting both of your legs one after the other. However, when you are jumping, you are lifting both of your legs at once. I will post a video-clip to explain this difference.
  2. What is the time needed to do 100 jumps in a session? On average, I do 100 jumps between 56 seconds and 1 minute
  3. How do I manage to jump 1000 in one session? The trick is not to focus on the total number of 1000 jumps, but to focus on time. Even with time, do not focus on the total minutes needed to do 1000 jumps, but on seconds or minutes needed to do 100 jumps in a session. If you are doing 1000, break it into 10 sessions of 100 jumps per session, and make sure that you do 100 jumps between 56 seconds and 1 minute. Before you know it, you would have done  10 sessions of 100 jumps each. You must also rest for 56 or 1 minute in between the sessions. The rest does not mean standing still, but it means walking about , and breaking in deeply and breathing out slowing through the nostrils before resuming  the next session. I will post a video tomorrow to explain what a session, a count and rest means in these exercises.
  4. How do you keep your energy levels during exercises? I recommend that you drink your slimmers’ drink (See Articles posted on May 27 and 28) during breaks between sessions. If you have not made the slimmers’ drink, at least drink the orange juice because it works well in boosting energy. You need also to break  air in and out to introduce air to the lungs, which helps to prevent muscle aches, and increases oxydation, which is important for metabolism.
  5. Does jumping heal my body? I am not sure I understand what you are talking about. If you are not feeling well, the best you can do is to visit your doctor. Yet, there are times when I lie down in bed for at least 2 hours listening to my body to decide whether my body ache is serious needing medical attention. If you are not sure, see a doctor immediately. For example, this morning I decided to listen to my body instead of going straight into exercises. I wanted to ascertain whether I was fit to exercise. I recommend that it is best you see your doctor when you are not feeling well.
  6. Did you say that I have to continue eating my food  as before without reducing my diet? Allow me to correct you a bit! I said that you do not have to make drastic changes. This means that you would need to check what you eat if you would like to lose weight, but you are not going to make sudden and huge changes. If you do, it is likely to affect you negatively. If you have been eating well, there is no need to change your diet. Yet, you would need to change your diet if, for example, you have been eating too much animal fats, processed sugars, less fibre, little water, etc. However, you have to make changes gradually. When I said that I have maintained my diet, it is because I eat  properly. My only problem was that I stopped exercising often , and having enough rest leading to my weight gain. I will post a video from time to time to show that I have not made any drastic changes in my diet.



4 comments on “Mix Fun with Exercises

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  3. Hi Chipo, I understand that it is not advisable to jump barefooted especially on a floor that has not been carpated and that one requires high density sneakers to protect the ankles. Please comment on this one.

    • Hi Charity!
      It is great hearing from you again. I wish to speak from experience of having done martial arts for twelve yrs, which involved 75% footwork and 25% handwork. I cannot speak on behalf of your source, perhaps they have genuine reasons. Yet, this is what I know about safe jumping and landing during exercises. Firstly, jumping bare on the floor does NOT necessarily break your ankle, may be if you slip on fluids, you might break any part of your leg or body. Secondly, jumping on a carpeted floor, or jumping with sneakers does NOT prevent you from breaking your ankle although they might slightly reduce the impact.

      What makes you break your ankle or knee during jumping is poor landing. If you land flat on your foot or with a thud on your heel, you are likely to cause damage to your ankle and if the impact weighed heavily on your knees, you might break them too. Or you can sprain you ankle if you twist your foot when landing.

      To prevent breaking your ankle or knee, you must learn to land SOFTLY on the part of your foot, which is between the front and middle part of your foot ( I don’t know the name of this anatomy). But, if you look at a spike that shoe we wear when doing running, it has spikes in front, which shows the area to use when running. That area is very similar to the one we use when jumping. When landing avoids putting your entire weight on the heel, which prevents damage to your ankle or knee. You must also land straight because bending might pull your muscles which affect your ankle. Stretch before jumping, it helps relax your muscles.

      The best way to learn jumping is by watching a CAT jump and land on the floor. FIrstly, the cat does not make noise because it lands softly on its PAW. If you jump wrongly, you will land with a thud, and probably break your ankle. When I say break, I mean sprain your ankle.

      I hope that I stirred more discussions…

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