DAY 11 Excercises

Lack of fruit reduces detox

Today, I did not make the slimmers’ drink because the oranges finished, and I did not find any at our local super market. Thus, I used 1 litre of water and 2 lemon juice. I observed that the detox was not the same as when I use the slimmers’ drink. I noticed that I went to the bathroom only to pass water, but I do more than just passing water when I take the slimmers’ drink. I hope that the shop will have oranges in stock tomorrow. Yet, I will wait until the oranges are in. I won’t stress. I have apples, tomatoes, and vegetables, but I cannot make the drink with this because my blender broke down. Until I get another one on Sunday.

Increase the # of Jumps

When you do not have fruits to make the slimmers’ drink, you must not worry at all. You simply increase the total number of jumps per day. For example, today, I jumped 1, 500 counts in the morning (when I did 1,200 in the morning yesterday), and 100 counts in the evening in 31 minutes. I did stretch exercises combined with martial-art carters, which was fun.

Body feeling: I feel as though I am about to have a cold because voice is hoarse, my chest a little itchy, but I am not coughing yet…

Unedited version…


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