Stop and think about You only for a Change

You need to put your personal interest first before others if you need to complete the weight loss programme. This might require you to make very tight decisions, which might seem very selfish. If your work makes you feel miserable, it might be difficult for you to enjoy your exercises. Why not try negotiating your happiness with your supervisors so that you can concentrate on your weight loss programme. Otherwise, it is very difficult to focus on exercising when your mental faculties have to deal with social, economic, and psychological issues. I am advising you to prioritise your interest above others. This might sound unchristian when it is because how do you love others before loving yourself. As the old adage says, “Love your neighbour as you love yourself.” It does not say love your neighbour more than you love yourself. I observed today that I could not concentrate on my weight loss exercises despite having a strong desire to do so. This was simply because I attended a research training session very early this morning. In addition, we had a very poor breakfast comprising sweet muffins with coffee or tea. Lunch was equally bad. It was only  the basic sandwiches of little cheese and tomatoes served with very cold fruit juice on a very cold day. That was extremely weird. Besides, we had very little time to rest because the presenter wanted to squeeze everything into a single day to cut time and costs. This kind of situation left me feeling exhausted, actually burnt-out. As a result, when I returned to my room, I was very exhausted to exercise or even prepare myself a descent meal. Then, I questioned myself what was I doing at that training session. Now, since this research is not part of my thesis, I decided to quit so that I can focus on things that make me extremely happy. This was difficult for me to do because which student does not love to make enough pocket-money through research! But, I decided to prioritise me.

Now, I am focusing on me. I hope that you can also focus on yourself for a change. Do not join activities that push you into things that are not your priorities no matter how the situation looks like you may need them. These just stand in your way of identifying activities that benefit you in the long term.I feel light have made this decision.

Body Stretches, and Jumps affected this Morning

Today, as I said above,  I did very few body stretches, and only 200 jumps in the morning before 07:00am because I had to leave my flat early to attend a research training.




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