I noticed that my skin tone has changed for the better. It has become light, soft, smooth, elasticised, and it bounces off when I touch it. It looks so healthy. I think that the body stretches and jumping I do everyday has contributed to this improvement. I think also that drinking at least 1 litre of my homemade fruit-vegetable juice, and homemade ginger, honey, onion, garlic tea improved my skin tone. I feel great.

A Lesson in general about Sweet Food at Night

I have noticed that eating biscuits or any sweet thing after 20:00 or 21:00 hours during the weight loss programme keeps you energetic and very awake at night when you are supposed to be sleeping. When you are exercising, your body is very alert, and it digests everything you put into it. You are likely to stay alert and energetic for 8 hours after eating sweet things. I advise that you do not eat any sweet food after 20:00-21:00 hours if you want to sleep well. I noticed that each time I ate biscuits at night; I fail to sleep on time. Yesterday, I ate the White-Chockits biscuits; I stayed awake until in the wee hours of the morning. Thus, I decided no more biscuits at night.


I did my weight-loss exercises in the evening today. I woke up late because I slept late partly because I worked on my thesis until 01:00AM, and mainly because I ate the white chocolate biscuits. Thus, I did 1, 650 in 32 minutes from 17:46 to 18:18. I am very happy with my progress.

Activity not connected to exercises

I wrote an article on my father, since we celebrated father’s day on Sunday, and I did not have enough time to write an article on him. It is my tradition to write something about my parents on father’s or mother’s day, and document that for my nieces when they grow up.

@Chipo Muponisi, Unedited post June 20, 2012


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