I did 1, 500 JUMPS in the evening for about 29 minutes from 18:47 to 19:17 hours. I am happy that I made it even when I did not have sufficient time to exercise both in the morning and afternoon.

Last week, someone wanted to know if I do get challenges during my weight-loss programme. Today is an example of those challenges. I would probably not call them challenges, but hurdles that we have to crossover to reach our destination. The word hurdle is more positive than challenge, which spells negativity. The word hurdle denotes fun because we take our weight-loss exercises like a game, where we enjoy as we compete with ourselves.

I woke up late today. As a result, I rescheduled my exercises to afternoon. Knowing that our residence cleaners would come in the morning to do their weekly cleaning, I did not work on my thesis this morning because I did not want the cleaners to disturb me, since I was working from flat today due to the cold weather. However, the cleaners came late in the afternoon instead of the morning. This affected both my exercises and studies schedule. Thus, I prioritised my studies over exercise, and worked on my thesis from 13:45 to 17:45. A friend called me after 17:00 hours. She wanted to pop-by since we have not since each other from last Friday. Therefore, I decided to take a break from my thesis immediately she came. Her visit became both a break and social time. I was glad to accommodate her in my schedule, and take time to rest from my studies. After she left, I did my weight-loss exercises. Later, I took a bath, which I enjoyed very much. Now, I am watching TV and drinking hot tea before resuming to my studies for another hour before sleeping.

I hope that this scenario shows that exercises come with huddles, some of which we create, and some of which are beyond our control. We can learn to do something about those huddles instead of complaining, and dropping out of our weight-loss programmes. Yet, we must never pressure ourselves into doing exercises if huddles are just too much in our way to do anything effective. The secret is flexibility. When huddles come, we must be ready to reschedule quickly our daily activities, and prepare our minds to conduct our activities as rescheduled. I am glad that I rescheduled even though I am not obliged to do exercises daily because I do them in my own time. I am glad that God ensured that I never missed any single day, since I began exercising although on two occasions I did less jumps. I am excited and looking forward to Friday when I will measure my weight lost so far.


I mimic my title for today from Susan Boyle’s song: WILD HORSES. I dedicate below this song to you for having come this far into this weight-loss programme. It is not easy to stay on track without missing a day in 30 days. Thus, we need to celebrate God’s grace during our exercise. Let’s look forward to Friday, and see what happens on Friday…

In the meantime, please continue sharing your experiences with me. I know that a lot of you have kept your identity private by communicating through private emails. Yet, I hope that you can come out in the open so that others can learn from you. So far, it is mostly my experiences that others are readily about. Allow me to share your experience only if you feel comfortable about the idea.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post



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