I use the word intermittent jumping to mean discontinuous jumping. I argue that some situations might require that you jump intermittently over a period of hours in a single day to lose weight. I am not referring to the act of jumping discontinuously within minutes, but to jumping intermittently within long hours of a day. For instance, if your target is to do 500 jumps per day, you might choose to spread that 500 over a long period of hours from 13:00 to 17:00hours. There are several reasons you might choose to jump intermittently such as being busy with your work, children, studies, etc. Intermittent jumps are favourable when you are working from home or a place where movement is limited. It helps you circulate the flow of blood, and it enables you to exercises within your job. The secret is jumping, and you can also to jump with or without a rope (meaning jumping imaging that you are using a rope). As I said above, intermittent jumping is important because it allows you to exercise while doing other activities and it helps you to circulate the blood mostly when your job or other daily activities do not make you move often. Intermittent jumping has a slight limitation though because the impact is less effect than when you jump continuously within minutes between RESTS of 1 or 2 minutes. I must be quick here to point out here that you must not confuse intermittent jumping with continuous jumping, which allows you to rest/take a break for 1 or 2 minute while jumping (See the video on the meaning of a session, a count and rest to avoid confusing a rest to intermittent jumping).

Today, I did a combination of Intermittent and continuous jumping I did a total of 2, 200 jumps today. Firstly, I jumped intermittently from 11:42 to 13: 48 doing 1, 100 jumps. Later in the early evening, I jumped continuously from 17:46 to 18:07, which is about 22 minutes doing 1, 100 jumps again. I am happy because I am not letting my busy school schedule disrupt my exercise routine, or let my exercises disrupt my studies.

I have done intermittent jumps before. In fact, when I lost weight for the first time using a jumping rope, I jumped intermittently, but not continuously.

@Chipo Muponisi, unedited posts


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