The EVE’S DAY  in Weight loss programme

I am sure that some of you have never heard about the eve’s day in weight-loss programme although you have heard about eve days like Christmas eve, New year’s eve and so on.

I decided to call today my EVE’S DAY because today is the EVE of my first weight-loss measurement. I have exercised for a month and four days now. I still have four months to go. However, tomorrow, which is Friday July 1, I will do my first weight measurement to see whether I have lost some weight. I am very excited and looking forward to my tomorrow.

You have also come a long way with me in this weight-loss programme. I urge you to stick around no matter what the results might show us tomorrow

My Dinner

I cooked and enjoyed a nice meal below (chicken-stew in mushroom sauce, fried rice and cabbage) to celebrate my eve’s day.

@chipo muponisi



I had a great day and I hope that you also had a great day. This morning, I did 1, 600 in 29 minutes. And because I am excited about tomorrow, I decided to do my entire jumping on the video. I managed at least to record 1000 jumps in 20:57 minutes before running out of space on my video, and did 600 jumps off camera.


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