DAY 33: I Lost So Much Weight, See for Yourself!


I am extremely excited because I LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT IN 1 MONTH AND 5 DAYS ONLY.  I was not ready for this weight loss, hence the need for me to celebrate it this weekend. I measure my weight loss in Inches. On average, I lost 3 inches. The least weight loss was around the knees, where I lost 1 inch, and the second least was around my chest/breast, where I lost 1.5 inches. Below is my weight BEFORE my weight loss programme and NOW.

(1) Waist around the black spot was 32 inches before

Waist around the black spot is 28.8 inches,  I rounded it off to 29 inches now

(I lost 3 inches around the waist on my black spot)



Weight around my waist on the black spot BEFORE




Weight around my waist (black spot) is 28.8 inches NOW.


weight around my waist on the black spot rounded off to 29 inches from 28.8 inches NOW


3 inches lost around my waist on the black spot


(2) Waist slightly above the belly button was 33 inches before

Waist slightly above the belly button is 29.5 inches now

(I lost 3.5 inches around the waist above my navel)



Weight around my waist slightly above the belly button BEFORE




Weight around my waist above the belly button is NOW 29.5 inches


3.5 inches lost around my waist slightly above the belly button


(3) Waist around abdomen was 34 inches before

Waist around abdomen is 31.8 inches now

(I lost 2.2 inches around my waist-abdomen area)


(4) Hips around the middle was 43.2 inches before

Hips around the middle is 40 inches now

(I lost 2.8 inches around my hips)


(5) Knees around its centre was 16.5 inches before

Knees around its centre is 15.5 inches now

(I lost 1 inch around my knees)


(6) Chest around the breasts was 37 inches before

Chest around the breasts is 35.5 inches now

(I lost 1.5 inches around my chest/breast)


Today, June 29, is such a wonderful and memorable day for me:

  1. Firstly, I jumped 1,700 counts in about 33 minutes from 11:47 to 12: 20 hours.  I am still excited because I wanted to hit another personal record, which I did.
  2. Secondly, I made another record for myself because I jumped 9, 100 counts this week, in 5 days—Monday to Friday (Monday I did 2100; Tuesday 1, 500; Wednesday 2, 200; Thursday 1, 600; and Friday 1, 700; and the grand total time is 2 hours 59 minutes). I am very happy with myself for having improved tremendously.




 Next week, we move into the second phase of our exercises…


5 comments on “DAY 33: I Lost So Much Weight, See for Yourself!

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  2. Glad I made you laugh. I actually meant right at the um…crotch. :). I did not see this video before. Thanks for posting it. Although, not sure I want to watch it now…her butt is making me jealous! =) I actually used to be a competitive body builder (I know, right?) so I know what to do and how to do it….I just don’t like doing it! =)))

    • Ha! Ha! Ha!…I have not heard about exercises that target the “C” area. Ok, I am glad to know you were a body builder before…I wish you all the best whatever you decide to do…cheers

  3. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 I am so happy for you and I don’t even know you! I started my challenge as well and doing good!! I only measure my bust, waist (where you measure at your black spot LOL), my hips, my ass/saddlebags (my biggest issue and no pun intended), and my upper thigh, right at the…well…my upper thigh. I have gotten smaller in all areas after 8 days and I have lost 3.2 pounds so far. =) How much weight did you lose? Just curious. Keep up the awesome work! I bet you feel fantastic!!

    • Thank you…yes we don’t know each other, but we are both exercising to lose weight…I am glad to know that you are doing good…great for you to lose 3.2 pounds in 8 days!…Yes, I lost 3 inches on average in 1 month (June). It feels great to wear nice party dresses without hiding bionic thighs…It feels great to feel the waistline again…I am all smiles…You made me laugh when you said, “…right at the…” Did you mean hips?…Anyway, I find helpful squats, splits and situps for both thighs and butt. The most effective are squats. The secret is locking the butt as one squats because it squeezes muscles in the thighs, butt and private area. Musicians often lock their fists when singing, but we lock butts when squatting…Have you seen this video below…I have tried it, it works well…when I lock my butt, it works perfectly…

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