(A) On the Eve of my new weight

I am busy working on my thesis right now. I just want to remind you to keep a date with me tomorrow. I promised that I would show my new weight after exercising for 2 months—the 2nd phase of my weight-loss programme shortly before beginning my 3rd and last phase on August 01, 2012. As I said, I am not sure how much weight I lost in my 2nd phase, since it is tough reducing hard fats after the soft fats in the 1st month. I increased the rate of jumping so that, at least, I can lose 1 inch or more. This is what makes it interesting because I want to know just how much I knocked off…Woo!

(B) A few Indicators to weight loss

Although I do not know whether I lost weight or not, I have a few indicators. I think that I lost weight in the 2nd phase because of the following:

  1. People’s Comments: I smiled quietly on Saturday because a church member referred to me as a slender person when she was talking about her weight gain. I am not slender yet, but I smiled because not so long ago I put on weight to a point where I began to wear size 42—pair of trousers. I think that she could be right because she probably never saw me when I was a size 38 & 42. I joined that church after I dropped from 38 to 36. How paradoxical! Okay, I worked out and lost weight to 34, but I regained part of it last year and early this year. As I said earlier, I spent long hours on my desk and put on weight. I am glad that I started reducing my weight again on May 27, 2012 to date. This won’t happen again because I am going to use the old karate tricks to maintain weight. It is true that I was never a big person. I fluctuate between small and medium since age 35. Yet, from 2008, my weight was different because I gained weight extremely, mostly in 2009.
  2. My Mirror Image: I was also surprised when I saw myself in the shop windows when I went to a supermarket. The full-length mirror in my bedroom shows that I am large, but I noticed that I looked much slender in shop windows. So, I checked my mirror again, and realised that it has a double effect. It shows both a large and slender person depending on how it is positioned. How interesting! I just have to wait and see how much weight I have lost by measuring my body tomorrow morning.
  3. My old clothes became loose: I noticed that some of my old clothes, including those unmentionable articles of clothing, have grown slightly bigger. I would soon need a new wardrobe. Yet, it has to wait until after the 3rd phase. I checked my old skirt. It used to be very tight, but now it fits me very well, and it is loose on my waist.
  4. My eye policing fats consciously and subconsciously: It is interesting that I have become more cautious of the fats within the food and subconscious of the amounts of food I consume outside my home. This is not an issue when I am eating within my home because I prepare the food in ways, which prevent weight gain—not serious animal fats. Yet, I have no control about the food, which others prepare in their homes. That is why; the previous weekend, I resolved not to dinner within my friends’ homes, but to insist on going out to a good cosmopolitan restaurant. The cost of healthy food is expensive so it reduces the amount of food consumed carelessly. Yet, it is not always that you influence people to eat out, especially during this economic meltdown. This weekend, I was invited for a buffet luncheon at another friend’s place. I picked the food I wanted to eat, but I picked more food than I needed, and eat it all. I did not worry because my eye saw that the total calories where not more than 700. Yet, I noticed that I was busy dissecting my chicken while eating—which is a bad habit—making sure that I did not eat any fats. What a terrible way of behaving in public, but I did it anyway.
  5. My body has become light: I feel light such that I lift my weight off the ground easily consciously and subconsciously, mostly when I am walking. I find myself enjoying jumping on and off elevated corridors along our school lawns. I run around while walking. I feel great. I sleep soundly despite any problem. I make good choices of the type of friends I stick around with. It is great that we all love humour. I constantly prioritise me because the world is revolving right now about me.
  6. I enjoy exercising: I find exercising now very interesting. This is the type of person that I am I love exercising. I lost that aspect when I went to work in West Africa. There was not time for me. In 2009 after leaving West Africa, I began exercising to curb my weight. When I noticed that I gained some weight this year, I dealt with it before it got out of control. Now, I have built within my weight maintenance programme a system to prevent weight gain.
  7. Consistency: I am consistent with my prayers and meditation because of the jumping exercises. I enjoy my prayers and meditations. I can concentrate more with clarity than when I stopped exercising. What a great life!  


This morning, I did 2,100 jumps in 37 from 09:52 to 10:29 hours. I did body stretches in 23 minutes. I spent a total of 1 hour exercising. I drank 2.8 litres of fluids. I am back to rooibos tea, which is a great tea, without calories, but invigorates your heart. I ate enough calories.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post  





  1. 1.       COUNT DOWN

4 days before I reveal my new weight on Tuesday, July 31 2012


This morning, I jumped without using a rope during my weight loss exercises. I wanted to make sure that my shoulder was alright before pushing a rope over it. If you recall, yesterday I told you that I felt some tiny pain in my shoulder. Thus, this morning, I decided not to swing a rope over my head to prevent worsening my shoulder just in case there was something wrong. I am glad that I am okay.

Jumping without a rope also reduces weight just like jumping over a rope does. Yet, it is not as effective as jumping over a rope. If you can not jump over a rope, you can still jump without it. Yet, you need to know how to make it work as effective as using a rope.  So, if you are jumping without a rope, you need the following:

I.            Wear a jersey or a sweat shirt before jumping! It keeps the body heat, which is vital in weight-loss mostly when jumping without a rope. This is a debatable issue. Yet, it works. I am positive that those of us, who have jogged in a sweat shirt, would testify. The trick is to make sure that the room you exercise from has enough air circulating, when jumping in your sweat shirt. You must also make sure breathing in and out properly. I sweated greatly in my jersey while jumping.

II.            Lift your arms in a circular motion while jumping! The arms create resistance during jumping, which contributes to weight-loss. You can also shake your behind and shoulders while jumping. Yet, if you have a pain either in your shoulder or arm, you must not circulate your arms in motion. Simply jump! This means that you have to jump more than you do with a rope.  I circulated briefly my left arm only because of the faint pain in my right arm. It was fun shaking my behind while jumping.

III.            You must have fun when jumping without a rope. Dance or do whatever you feel like doing while jumping without a rope. Behaving like a child makes you enjoy the exercise. I danced and played with a mirror while jumping. It was great, but naughty.


  1. 3.       TODAY

This morning, I did 2000 jumps in about 36 minutes from 08:47 to 09:23 hours. I did body stretches in 21 minutes from 08:19 to 08:40 hours. I spent about 57 minutes exercising. I drank about 2 litres of fluids. I enjoyed working from the library, and walking to school through the sunlight. It has been cold June and July, but the weather was really great this week. I loved it.

  1. 4.       WEEKLY OVERVIEW

I am glad that I did 12, 200 jumps this week (Monday 2000 jumps in 38 minutes; Tuesday I did 3000 in 48 minutes; Wednesday I did another 3000 in 46 minutes; Thursday I did 2, 200 jumps in 37 minutes and Friday, today I did 2000 jumps in 36 minutes). My target for this week was to do 10,000 counts, but I did 12, 200 counts. This is yet another record for me because I never jumped 12,200 per week before. I am glad that I did it. As I said earlier, it is challenging to lose weight in the 2nd phase (2nd month) of the weight-loss programme, since we are dealing with HARD fats. I hope that this effort has helped me lose weight. I am looking forward to next Tuesday—July 31—to see how much weight I lost during the 2nd phase. I would be glad to lose at least 1 or 2 inches. Trust me! I know how hard it is dealing with hard fats.

I spent about 3 hours 35 minutes exercising this week. The largest part of my hours, I spent them as usual on my thesis. I am glad that I exercised as well as worked on my school work.

I drank at least about 11 to 12 litres of weight-loss fluids. I did body stretches, which target muscles to avoid water retention. By the way, we do not often realize how much water we consume per week. I poured 12 litres in a bucket, and I was shocked to see the amount of water that I drank this week. It is crazy.

I consumed between 1, 200 and 1, 400 calories per day this week. I am not keen and would never be keen about drastic food reduction. I love my food, but I eat “correct” food types—often whole foods—just enough for my body. I love tasty and aromatic food. I enjoy my food, but my secret is always eating in moderation. Some of our friends stop eating only when the arm starts to hurt. Let’s be temperate! It is more than control, but more about making the right-food choices. Our bodies are ours. We are responsible for whatever we feed our bodies with.

I am excited, and I am eager to enjoy my weekend. I have not planned anything this week, but it would happen spontaneously.

I wish you well and stay blessed!

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post




 1. Count down…

  • 5 days to July 31, 2012, next Tuesday when I would reveal my new weight after jumping for 2 months. Remember to diarise this special day! I am very excited…

2. Jumping Reduces Weight…

Those who have sent me emails privately asking me whether jumping reduces weight, I want to say that it worked for me at least twice. Perhaps, it might work for you as well. I am glad that you asked me because I talk from experience, but not from theory. I know weight loss dilemmas both as a fighter and trainer. I argue plausibly that the best persons to share experiences on weight-loss are those who experienced the difficulty in losing weight, and eventually lost it. These are two important features. There are numerous advisers online today. I want to say that being a fitness trainer/a close relation to someone who battle with weight does not necessarily make one a great advisor on weight-loss issues, mostly if one has never experienced personally the trouble of losing weight. I want to say also that people, who have always being slender, might not be the best persons advising on weight-loss issues. Although they might have witnessed someone else lose weight, they might not have been there personally to experience the hurdles involvement in exercising for weight loss.  While it is true that even those who have not experienced personal problems with their weight can also share experiences, it is also true that the most effective experiences come mostly from personal ones. Thus, be eclectic, listen to both life experiences as well as second-hand informers, and choose what works best for you from both sources. All the best!


My Face dripping with sweat 5 minutes after jumping

I do not want to blow my trumpet, but I can safely and confidently say that jumping reduces weight.

  • I am sure those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you saw how I lost weight—3 inches on average—which is about 9.5/10 kg weight reduction in 1 month, 4 days. If that is not weight-loss, what is it then!
  • Even if you do not believe, sweat is enough to show that jumping reduces weight. I am covered always in sweat when jumping. I wish that the fitness production could design sunglasses with a towel material around the rims so that sweat does not drip into eyes when jumping. It feels like salty water running into my eyes. Just look at the picture below, which I took about 5 minutes after exercises. I should have taken one during jumping but I did not know I was going to get this question. I hope that this explains your question. Just look forward to next Tuesday—July 31, 2012—and see for yourself how jumping reduce weight. I am very excited and looking forward. 
  • Yet, the best way to prove that jumping reduces weight is to jump for at least 20 days, Monday to Friday, for at least 250-500 counts per day. As the old adage says: the proof of a pudding is in tasting.



This morning, I did 2, 200 jumps in about 37 minutes from 08:53 to 09:30 hours. I did body stretches in about 16 minutes from 09:32 to 09:48 hours. I spent a total of 53 minutes. I made sure that I rearranged my exercises by starting with jumping and ending with body stretches instead of starting with stretches, jumping and ending with stretches. Just like I did yesterday, I combined also 100 and 200 jumps per sessions. I drank 2.7 fluids today. I eat always my meals unless otherwise. So far, I have consumed about 1,021. I never eat less than 1, 200 calories per day. How do I feel? I am very excited today, I have already reached 10, 000 jumps, which is my target this week. Tomorrow, I would jump just for keeping the heart working. I have a slight pain in my shoulder socket (See picture below) because I did 3000 jumps on Tuesday and Wednesday. I should have reduced the jumping to 2000 on Wednesday, and increase to 3000 on Thurs. I have to remember that next time. Otherwise, if you are jumping below 2000, you have no pain or when you are alternating your 3000. Yet, this is relative. Overall, I am happy, since I did my jumping already for this week, and I can see the results. I was happy dressing well and tucking my teeshirt. What a great thing! I don’t have to hide a belly at all.


@Chipo Muponisi

A faint pain in my shoulder







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DAY 53: Count Down To Revealing My New Weight-Loss


How many days before I show my New Weight-loss?

We have 6 days before I show you my new weight during the 2nd Phase (2nd Month) of my weight-loss programme. Make a date with me! I would show my new weight next week, Tuesday, July 31,  2012. I am very excited simply because I have come this far in my weight-loss programme. I kept my date with you each working day from May 27 to date. I know that weight-loss is dicey during the 2nd phase, since we are dealing with hard fats situated, which are difficult to curb, but I am still excited. I want to see how much I shade off this time.


This morning, I did 3000 jumps in 46 minutes from 11:10 to 11:56 hours. I did better than yesterday when I jumped 3000 in 48 minutes. It is a tiny difference, but it makes a difference anyway. I continued combining 200 and 100 counts per session. I stretched my body in 24 minutes from 10:40 to 11:04 hours. I spent a total of 1 hour 20 minutes.  I am happy because I have so far done 8000 because my target this week is 10,000 per week.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post




Why combine varied types of sessions?

It is important to combine the different types of sessions during the jumping exercises to increases weight-loss. This makes you sweat a lot, which in turn contributes to losing weight. For instance, if you want to do 500 jumps in 5 minutes, you can do the first 50, then 100, 200, and 50 jumps in each session. I often do 100 counts per session during my jumping sessions (See video about the meaning of a session, a count and rest in Article posted on June 19). This morning, I decided to do  a combination of 100 and 200 jumps per session. Thus, I did 6 sessions comprising 100 jumps each (i.e 600 jumps), and 12 sessions comprising 200 jumps each (which is 2400 jumps). I did these sessions in a non-chronological order. I sweated very much this morning. My entire tee-shirt was soaked in sweat as a bucked of water was poured over me.

A combination of sessions is important because the body does not read your exercises as normal routine. This is debatable, but experience has shown that this does happen. You probably have heard people, who say that they cannot lose weight despite exercising even if the problem is not water retention. This is partly because a body engages itself into a protection-mode after observing a monotonous routine and registering it as normal activity of the body. You need to break that monotonous routine so that the body responds to weight loss activities without engaging itself into a defense mechanism, where you would exercise, but never lose much weight.

I hope that this brief explanation makes sense.



I did 3000 jumps in 48 minutes from 10:00 to 10:48 hours in the morning. I was very happy because I did not plan to do 3000 jumps, but I did  it anyway. I felt great, and I am still excited especially that last evening I enjoyed a piece of cake. I did also body stretches in about 17 minutes from 10:48 to 11:05 hours. Today, I did things differently. It was great. I stretched my body after jumping. Normally, I start by body stretches and warm ups, then jump and close with body stretches, which relax muscles. I also drank 2.6 litres of weight-loss fluids. I have not yet organised fruits this week. This means that I used buffered vitamin C. Perhaps, tomorrow, I would use the remaining 3 oranges to make exercising juice. I hope that you also enjoyed your exercises. I am eager to get to Friday. I am excited, but I would tell you tomorrow.

Stay blessed!

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post




Spreading meals over several days might prevent weight gain

The method of spreading meals is highly contentious. There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on what works for someone.  I construct the term spreading meals to mean either eating food containing many calories over a period of days instead of eating it all in a single meal, or eating many calories in a single meal, but skipping food on later days to knock off extra calories consumed in a single meal.

To begin with, I say often that I do not like talking about meals in weight-loss programme. That is not my strategy to lose weight. As a result, I do not wish to be misunderstood. I do not support weight-loss programmes, which encourage especially drastic food reductions. I am convinced that a person exercising to lose weight must make sure to eat full meals daily. Yet, if someone wants to over eat on a particular day, I suggest that such a person learns about, first, how to spread the extra calories in meals throughout the week. There are several suggestions such as banking food weekly. I am not talking about this.

Skipping meals to prevent weight gain!!!

In this article, I talk about spreading meals over several days. For instance, if someone wants to eat a rich cake, it is important to know at least the basic ingredients about that cake. One needs to know at least the total number of eggs, sugar, and butter in that cake. So, if one over eats a cake on a particular day, which comprises 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 25 grams of butter, it means that one would not eat an egg at least 2 days in that particular week. If one eats 1 tablespoon of sugar in a day, it means that one would skip eating 1 tablespoon of sugar 1 day in that particular week. It means also that one would not eat butter that particular week or would replace butter with a spread that has very low calories. This method sounds fabulous, but it is all about skipping some meals. Yet, most people, who over eat have problems to control their appetite. I do not favour this method unless something happens beyond one’s control.

Eating a meal in 2 or more days might prevent weight gain

Secondly, there is an alternative. It is advisable to spread that particular food over a period of days. So, instead of eating it all in one day, it is advisable to eat the food in 2 or more days. That way, one does not skip meals, but replaces certain meals on a particular day. This method of spreading meals over a period of days requires self-control.  This is mainly because food having many calories is kept in the house—perhaps in a refrigerator, which is within one’s reach. If it is one’s favourite food, it might be hard for one to spread it over days. The likelihood of eating it all in one sitting is very high.

Increasing the amount of time spent exercising might shade off extra calories

Thirdly, I argue from experience that it is better increasing the amount of exercises per day to deal with extra food, which one over eats. This works in most situations because often people do not want to over exercise. So, when one thinks of over eating, one might not over indulge to avoid over exercising.

Remembering the main reason for weight-loss might prevent weight gain

Lastly, I wish to say that dealing with over eating involves several strategies, but not limited to one.  Plausibly,  we all indulge in food at least once in a while although it might be daily struggle for others. What works well  for me, is a constant-self reminder about the main reason I am exercising, and the effort so far into my weight-loss programme. Yet, if I want to enjoy food rich in calories, I make sure to share some of it with friends, or spread it over a period of days. For instance, I love a homemade pizza rich with cheese (See a video below). Each time, I prepare it, I eat it with friends, or I keep some in the refrigerator for later days.



Today, I did not feel like jumping, but I did it anyway…

This morning, I did 2000 jumps in about 38 minutes from 10:25 to 11:03. I did also body stretches in 22 minutes. I spent a total of 1 hour exercising. I did not feel like exercising today, but I did it anyway. I did not even squeeze orange juice as usual although I have 3 remaining from last week. Instead, I drank 1 litre of water with 1 teaspoon of ascorbic buffered acid. I say always that each time I think about the reasons I am exercising, I find it easy to continue exercising.  I did not feel like exercising not because I was tired, but because I had urgent matters to deal with at school. Some office did not do their work very well and I was affected. I spent the afternoon dealing with issues. I am grateful that is done so that I can focus on my thesis and exercises. I drank 2.700 litres of homemade slimmer’s juice. This afternoon, I carried 500 ml of warm water, which I drank during my meeting. I do not value plain water during weight-loss programmes, but I had to do it, since I ran out of rooibos and green tea. I made sure to use warm water. It is better than plain cold water. I have to stock my orange and lemon basket as soon as possible.

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post.



A lot of us sit on our knowledge wealth. We have internal mines full of valuable information. We are walking archives. Yet, we do not know how much we are worth because we have not done enough exploration of our knowledge reserves. We realise often our value only when someone steals our information right under our noses and translates it into tangible wealth. Yet, we see how these information hackers struggle daily to steal our information. They try to make sure that we do not publish that information. They make sure that we have no resources to pursue our dreams so that when we leave our premises, they would stay behind to publish our information under their names. Let’s face it! These are often people that we know very well, and might trust with our knowledge resources. We interact with these hackers in diverse ways. They listen attentively to our conversations on our experiences. They get these experiences without our consent, and translate them into real wealth, which they own solely. The question is whether we are doing something to protect our knowledge wealth. We must learn to protect  our information from knowledge hackers. Most importantly, let us learn to transform our information into tangible, but valuable assets. Otherwise, what good is our knowledge if we cannot benefit from it!


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post

DAY 50: Weekly Overview in Weight loss Programme

Rushing to log out….

1. Today,

I jumped 1000 counts in 20 minutes form about 10:33 to 10:53 hours. I have drank so far 2.200 litres of weight loss fluids for the day.

2. My Weekly Overview

I am excited because I reached my target: jumping 10,000 per week. This week, I did 10, 700 jumps in 3 hours 45 minutes from Monday to Friday (Mon I did 2, 200 jumps in 43 minutes; Tues 2, 300 jumps in 58 minutes; Wed 3000 in 57 minutes; Thurs 2, 200 in 47 minutes; and Friday 1000 in about 20 minutes) My best performance was on Wednesday. It is interesting that despite facing a small pain in my back, I managed to control it, and achieved my target for the week. I am also happy that I drank sufficient fluids necessary for weight-loss and still avoided water retention. I drank a total of 12. 5 litres of homemade weight loss juice and tea. On average, I eat between 1, 250 and 1 400 calories per day. I enjoyed restful nights despite having a tight schedule on my thesis. I hope that you also managed to reach your target.

3. The Question of the Week

The most asked question this week was about jumping. Some people are not able to jump at all. I would love to see them jump because they are missing out of the benefits of jumping. I suggest that they watch the 3 videos, which I posted on this blog about jumping. If you cannot jump after watching these videos, let me know, perhaps you would have to send me your video so that I can see how you are jumping for me to help if I can.

Stay blessed!


4. Something to look forward to!!

Next week Friday, I would review my current weight in Phase, after jumping for 2 months…Make a date with me… This is very exciting.

5. Gratitude

To all of you, who have been supporting me emotionally and spiritually during this weight-loss programme, I say thank you ever so much…


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited post




Weight loss in jumping is very proportionate. This makes jumping an interesting and helpful exercise in weight-loss programmes. You lose the same amount of weight everywhere on your body. I showed last month that on average I lost about 3 inches on different parts of my body.

You may want to use a big ELASTIC Belt during exercises if you want to accelerate weight loss around your belly, thighs, and behinds. Simply wrap it around the area and jump. Any big elastic belt of at least 6, 9 or 12 inches can do. Or, if you have a Kimono belt, tie it around your waist. Do not fasten it too tightly to breathe well. Otherwise, you might find yourself on the floor with people airing on your face to resuscitate you.

When you use a belt, you allow heat to accumulate more around the region, where you want to lose weight. The heat helps to melt down the stubborn fats. Remember to use always warm water when doing exercising instead of cold water. Experience has shown that plain water during exercises does not help much. You need to add lemon juice to the water. If you can find lemon concentrate known as bitter lemon, use 500 mg per day, use it instead of lemon juice for at least 1 month. It is very good for weight loss, and cholesterol reduction.

I know that some traditional cultures use very warm sand bags to lose weight. They tie these sand bags around areas, where they intend to lose weight during exercises. I don’t know much about these sand bags. Yet, I have heard reports that they also work. It might help reaching before using the sand bags.



This morning, I did 2, 200 jumps in about 47 minutes from 09:53 to 10:40 hours. I stretched my body and did warm ups in about 28 minutes from 09:17 to 09:45 hours. I spent a total of 1 hour 15 minutes exercising. I am excited, and looking forward to tomorrow. I have already jumped enough for the week. Tomorrow, I would jump only to accelerate my heart rate. I would only need 300 to reach my target goal of doing 10,000 jumps this week. I wish you the best.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post






A Biblical principle says that the truth sets us free

It is the same principle in weight-loss programmes. Being true is core to attaining sustainable weight loss. It does not pay anybody to lose weight through starving instead of exercising. One is likely to put on more weight when one returns to eating full meals. Besides, it does not pay anybody to show pictures portraying less weight than the real one. It is important to face reality when one is overweight. This helps to work hard to reduce excess weight. It is pointless to lie about weight and exercising. Honest is key to a successful weight-loss programme.

I feel great about my achievement in my weight-loss programme. It is meant for me. Therefore, I stay true to myself and to my purpose for exercising. I have gained and I am still gaining from exercising every Monday to Friday. My dividends are in terms of losing weight, good health, great image, confidence, radiant skin, enough sleep, and all benefits, which comes with exercising.

2nd Phase Weight-loss is Tough

The truth is that losing weight in the 2nd phase is quite hard because in the second phase you are dealing with hard fats around the tummy, thighs and bums. The change in weight-loss is very small in the 2nd phase.  This is not only because you are dealing with hard fats, but also you have exercised for over 1 month and 3 or 4 weeks. You might not have the same energy like when you began. It requires you to be patient. You will see the results, but do not expect too much a difference only if you double your exercises. Yet, it is not necessary to increase exercises because you might not enjoy over working.



This morning, I felt great looking at how far I have come so far. I decided to jump more than I did yesterday. I strive to do my best all the time for me. I did 3,000 jumps in about 57 minutes from 11:48 to 12:45 hours. I returned also to body stretches, but I am not doing splits because I have to ensure that the back pain is gone before attempting to do splits again. I spent about 30 minutes stretching my body. The total time spent was about 1 hour 27 minutes. I drank 2.550 litres of weight-loss fluids. It feels great.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post