Avoid over doing exercises

It is very important to avoid over doing your exercises for you to continue enjoying your weight-loss programme. For instance, when I jump more than 2000 in the morning, I do not jump in the evening. It’s important to prevent my feet from aching if I have to jump with ease the following day. It prevents also my muscles and body joints from swelling. To lose weight, I learnt that it is crucial to do only that which is necessary. That is why; I recommend that only enough is good enough for a weight loss programme.  

Want exercises badly!

To complete your weight-loss programme, you must need it badly without which you would drop off the programme. I wanted it badly this morning, and I decided to jump 100 more than I did yesterday.


I did 2, 200 jumps in about 41 minutes from 07: 38 to 08:21am in the morning. I did my body stretches and warm-ups in 26 minutes. I spent a total of about 1 hour and 7 minutes. I drank a total of 2.7 fluids of which 2.1 litres comprised the slimmers’ drink and tea and others were 600 ml. Right now, I am relaxing enjoying the lemon-grass oil burning and calming my evening as I watch TV.

I hope that you too had a wonderful day…

@Chipo Muponisi unedited post


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