Yah! Looking back…

My main purpose this week was to continue with my exercises from phase one to phase two, and to see if I can jump 10, 000 per week. I am glad that I managed to do both goals. Thus, I am happy this week. I deserve a great treat this weekend, but I have not yet figured out what that treat would be. Perhaps, I need to have my hair treated and face scrubbed—just something simple and fun.


A glimpse back into the week

1. This is a great record for me. I did a total of 10, 100 jumps this week (Monday July 3-06, 2012).

  • Monday= 2,100
  • Tuesday=2,200
  • Wednesday= 2,500
  • Thursday=2,700
  • Friday= 600

This teaches me that a mind can do anything it challenges itself to do when the entire body is willing. A lot of things we fail to do, we fail them right within our minds even before we carry out them practically. This is an interesting lesson not only for exercises, but for other areas in life such as business, studies, marriages, music, writing, etc. The question is whether we carry out the lessons we learn in life. I hope that we do that all the time. It could change our place in the world although it might not change the entire world. Have a great week!

2. I conducted my jumping exercises and body stretches and warm up exercises in a total of 5 hours 39 minutes per week (Mon=1hr9mins; Tue=1hr 7mins; wed=1hr 11mins; Thurs=1hrs 22 mins and Fri=50mins).

3. I introduced also the exercises to flatten the tummy and other interesting exercises like splits, etc

4. I drank a total of 9.4 litres of weight loss fluids

5. I managed to balance my life between school and exercises

6. I made a minor change in my weight-loss tea from ginger-green tea to masala-green tea


My place in all these things

I feel great having achieved what I planned to do this week; the impact of exercises on my body; and the mouth-joy from masala-green tea. I hope that you enjoyed also your exercises and that you are looking forward to treating yourselves.


                                                                                                                                                                Cheers and see you next week!

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post




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