Day 42: Peace is Key to Weight-Loss Exercises



Peace is important for one to exercise joyfully and with ease

I learnt that you may not jump well or enjoy your exercises until your mind is at peace. This morning I had a tough time jumping although I did more than yesterday. I did not enjoy jumping at all. Yet, I felt the necessity to jump because I know where I want to be in August 2012. I hope that tomorrow would be  better.

I lost something valuable last week, but I got to know about it only yesterday. Yet, I cannot prove that I was robbed until after the investigations in 6 days. However, the reality dwindled me this morning. As a result, I observed that I had trouble breathing while jumping because my mind kept wondering involuntarily about what happened to my valuable although I was not worried. I trust that God would find my valuable or He would tell me what transpired so that I can have closure to this loss. Prayer and hope helped me jump with ease even when my subconsciousness was not fully at peace.



I did 2, 700 jumps in 1 hour 3 minutes (2,200 jumps in the morning for about 52 minutes from 09:38 to 10:30 hours and 500 jumps in the evening for about 11 minutes from 19:16 to 19:26 hours). I did body stretches in 36 minutes. I spent a total of 1 hour 39 minutes exercising. I drank 2.4 litres of fluids today, which is 1 litre of water and lemon juice; 300 ml of orange juice;  I drank 500 ml of milo in the afternoon and 600 ml of rooibos tea in the evening.


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited post


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