Affirmation is important

It feels great to get affirmation in weight-loss programme. I use the word affirmation to stand for situations when people, mostly those who are unaware of our weight-loss exercises, tell us that we have lost weight after having exercised for at least a month. Affirmation is necessary because it encourages us to continue with the weight-loss programme. It confirms what our measuring tape and clothes are telling us about our weight loss. It also makes us feel good knowing that we did not waste our energy for nothing.

This afternoon, I went to buy a carrot cake from a nearby supermarket when I met this lady from our campus doing her masters in medicine. I do not know her very well, but I enjoyed her company when we met each other for the first time early this year. We met on our campus bus on my way to treat myself at a shopping mall that Sunday, and she was also going shopping. I do not recall seeing her after that Sunday. Thus, when we met again today, she looked at me in a surprised way. She said, “Oh, you have lost weight…What have you been doing? Please tell me! I want also to lose weight.” 

I was happy because she noticed in a split second that I lost weight although I never told her about my weight loss programme. She was excited when I told her that I was exercising. “What are you doing exactly?” she asked. We discussed briefly jumping to lose weight. As you know, most people are not enthusiastic about jumping. She was not either. Yet, she was still interested in knowing how she could also lose weight. Thus, I gave her my blog address to read some of my articles on my weight loss programme, and contact me just in case. I hope that she would change her mind about jumping once she knows how easy it can be to jump and lose weight.

The Food Question

Those of you who have asked me about the amount of calories I consume per day, I do not know what I can say differently about food. I still maintain that you need to eat all your meals—breakfast, lunch and supper—during your weight loss programme.

Perhaps, you need to know the quantities of calories you require per day in relation to your age, height and weight. Take into account also whether you want extreme, medium or normal weight loss. The importance of knowing how much calories your body requires helps you to avoid under or over eating. For instance, although I did not measure my calories, I know that I did not exceed 1,300 calories. I extracted juice from 3 medium oranges about 65 calories each, which is 195 calories. I drank rooibos tea, which is said to have zero calories, ate 2 slices of homemade bread—about 74 calories each, which is 148 calories. I added fat free milk, which was about 43 calories, and smeared 1 tablespoon of honey on my bread, which is 44 calories. I was caught up in a meeting during lunch hour with my bank. Thus, I did not have my lunch today. Yet, I eat my supper early, which comprised a thick porridge from sorghum having 110 calories, turkey slices about 100 calories, cabbage comprised 3 big leaves each having about 7 calories, half onion about 20 calories, 1 medium tomato about 22 calories, vegetable oil about 120 calories. I drank rooibos tea with carrot cake. I cut a piece, which was about 250 calories. This was about 1, 052 calories without lunch, which would have been between 300 and 600 calories.  Lunch is serious business for me. Usually, my total calories are between 1, 300 and 1, 600 per day.

My secret is never to worry myself about food and calories, only when a food-pusher is forcing me to eat what I am convinced is wrong for my body. I eat what I love in moderation. For example, I eat this today:

Supper: Sorghum thick porridge, Turkey slices, and cabbage in onion-tomato sauce.


@chipo muponisi

A thick porridge of sorghum, turkey slices, and cabbages in tomato-onion sauce


Or, you can eat it for Lunch replacing turkey with eggs (I ate this weeks ago)

@ chipo muponisi

 sorghum with vegetables and boiled eggs in tomato-onion sauce


Sweet course: I cut a piece of carrot cake and washed it down with plain rooibos tea this evening

@chipo muponisi 2012 july

This carrot cake is rich with cashew &  other seeds



This morning, I woke up feeling great. After prayer and meditation, I felt calm and believed that God would take care of my lost valuable. I jumped well unlike yesterday when I struggled to jump and breath. I did 2, 500 jumps in about 50 minutes during my morning session from 10:30 to 11:20 hours. I did body stretches and warm up in 27 minutes from 10:00 to 10:27 hours. This evening, I did not jump because I arrived home late, and I was too tired to jump. I drank 2.2 litres of fluids—1 litre water and lemon, 300 ml orange juice, 300 ml water, and 600 ml rooibos tea. I did not do well on the fluids because I was caught up in a meeting with the bank. I am glad that God took care of everything. The bank gave me that which I lost. I am happy!


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post



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