Don’t panic when you are gifted!

If you are gifted with enough breasts and the behind, it might be difficult for you to jump without extra help. You may need a breast holder, and leggings. Otherwise, I have seen people jump without a breast holder or leggings. It all depends on how you jump. Remember not to land on your feet with a thud, but to jump like a cat, the impact is less on your body organs. See again the video about the difference between jumping and skipping!


I jumped 2,200 in the morning sessions in 43 minutes from 09:27 to 10:10 hours. I did body stretches and warm ups in 44 minutes from 08:44 to 09:20 hours. I spent about 1 hour 27 minutes doing exercises. I drank 2.5 weight loss fluids. Otherwise, I am excited to enter the 3rd week of phase two. I feel some small pain in my back. I am not sure if it is muscle spasm. My spasms are associated with the cold. It has been very cold, since it has been snowing in South Africa from last Thursday to date.


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