1. Jumping (Using a Rope) has minimal wear and tear effects

Certainly, there is wear and tear effect in any weight-loss exercises. I speak from experience because I have done varied exercises in my life. Yet, I have observed that the jumping exercises have extremely few wear and tear effects on the body. I have not, for example, faced any injuries while jumping from the start of my weight-loss programme to date. I am grateful to God for that. The only wear and tear effect, which I face sometimes is when I sleep with my head on my shoulder for the larger part of the night. I feel some pain while swinging the rope over my head when jumping. Thus, I try as much as possible to avoid resting my head on my shoulder while sleeping. It is one of my die-hard habits. I wish to argue that straining muscles is not something to occurs easily. Thus, accidents do not happen often as much as some people would like to portray.

    2. Body stretches have more wear and tear effects than jumping exercises

First and foremost, we must not confuse the injuries incurred while stretching our bodies with those incurred when doing our jumping exercises. The two are totally different sets of exercises although they are connected closely.  These exercises can be done either together or individually. Yet, when they are done in unison, the  body stretches are done before the jumping exercises to prepare the body for jumping. During body stretches, the possibility of tearing and wearing muscles are higher than during jumping. This is mainly because body stretches involves the pulling and twisting of the muscles.

   3. What do you do when you sprain your muscle

It all depends on the severity of the problem. If the problem is big, do not waste time trying to rectify it. Rush to the hospital. Yet, if the problem is small, you can use deep heat, pain reliever plasters, etc. As for me, I find lemon grass very effective. I rub it on the pain. I pour about 1 tablespoon of lemon grass in my bubble bath and lie there for at least 15 minutes. It works well. You can also self medicate with panado. Depending on the problem, I try also not to stretch my body until the pain is over. It is very important to listen to your body. Like yesterday, I felt the pain while listening to my body during meditation. I made sure that I took care of the pain although it was not a sprain. I drank panado, rubbed my back with lemon grass, and later soaked my body into a bath with lemon-grass and other oils. I felt great when I woke up this morning and ready to jump. However, I did not stretch my body until I am sure that the pain is gone completely.



This morning, I did 2, 300 jumps in 58 minutes from 09:50 to 10:48, although I paused a bit because a worker came to spray my flat against roaches for about 10 minutes. It is interesting how we sometimes get interrupted during the exercises. Sometimes, it is our bodies interrupting the exercises because we have to go to the bathroom, etc. I try as much as possible to avoid the interruptions. Sometimes, I do not respond to the knock on my door until I am through with the exercises. Then, I flow it up with our security to know, who had knocked on my door while I was exercising. The best is to exercise very early in the morning when most people are still sleeping. I switch off my cellphone until I am done with the exercises. I go to the bathroom before jumping.


A treat for me…

I felt great and enjoyed a cup of Milo with my specialty–homemade bread. This is my rare recipe. I once made it for a friend of mine, who runs a franchise of restaurants. We both observed that his clients loved my bread, and requested him to make more bread. Yet, I did not because it takes 3 hours to make this particular bread. I do not share this recipe because I have reserved it for me.

@chipo muponisi


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post




  1. Congratulations on your success!! I tried jumping rope. Even when I was competition-ready, I could only get 2 minutes in before pure exhaustion set in! Way to go!!

    • Hi there again!

      Thank you. I am enjoying the jumping. You make me laugh all the time.

      I am not sure how well you are jumping, but it sounds like you were landing on a flat foot. Correct me if I am wrong. If you do, it makes you gasp for breath. But, if you land on the floor like a cat, you do not gash for breath. Try jumping first without a rope. Then, after mastering it, introduce a rope. I posted a video about the part on the foot used in jumping. That is a cat jump…It makes jumping very easy and enjoyable…

      By the way, you do 100 jumps in less than 1 minute, and rest (meaning walking about, breathing in and out) within the next 1 minute before you do another 100 jumps (1 minute)…see video on the meaning of a session, count & rest…


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