Weight loss in jumping is very proportionate. This makes jumping an interesting and helpful exercise in weight-loss programmes. You lose the same amount of weight everywhere on your body. I showed last month that on average I lost about 3 inches on different parts of my body.

You may want to use a big ELASTIC Belt during exercises if you want to accelerate weight loss around your belly, thighs, and behinds. Simply wrap it around the area and jump. Any big elastic belt of at least 6, 9 or 12 inches can do. Or, if you have a Kimono belt, tie it around your waist. Do not fasten it too tightly to breathe well. Otherwise, you might find yourself on the floor with people airing on your face to resuscitate you.

When you use a belt, you allow heat to accumulate more around the region, where you want to lose weight. The heat helps to melt down the stubborn fats. Remember to use always warm water when doing exercising instead of cold water. Experience has shown that plain water during exercises does not help much. You need to add lemon juice to the water. If you can find lemon concentrate known as bitter lemon, use 500 mg per day, use it instead of lemon juice for at least 1 month. It is very good for weight loss, and cholesterol reduction.

I know that some traditional cultures use very warm sand bags to lose weight. They tie these sand bags around areas, where they intend to lose weight during exercises. I don’t know much about these sand bags. Yet, I have heard reports that they also work. It might help reaching before using the sand bags.



This morning, I did 2, 200 jumps in about 47 minutes from 09:53 to 10:40 hours. I stretched my body and did warm ups in about 28 minutes from 09:17 to 09:45 hours. I spent a total of 1 hour 15 minutes exercising. I am excited, and looking forward to tomorrow. I have already jumped enough for the week. Tomorrow, I would jump only to accelerate my heart rate. I would only need 300 to reach my target goal of doing 10,000 jumps this week. I wish you the best.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post





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