DAY 50: Weekly Overview in Weight loss Programme

Rushing to log out….

1. Today,

I jumped 1000 counts in 20 minutes form about 10:33 to 10:53 hours. I have drank so far 2.200 litres of weight loss fluids for the day.

2. My Weekly Overview

I am excited because I reached my target: jumping 10,000 per week. This week, I did 10, 700 jumps in 3 hours 45 minutes from Monday to Friday (Mon I did 2, 200 jumps in 43 minutes; Tues 2, 300 jumps in 58 minutes; Wed 3000 in 57 minutes; Thurs 2, 200 in 47 minutes; and Friday 1000 in about 20 minutes) My best performance was on Wednesday. It is interesting that despite facing a small pain in my back, I managed to control it, and achieved my target for the week. I am also happy that I drank sufficient fluids necessary for weight-loss and still avoided water retention. I drank a total of 12. 5 litres of homemade weight loss juice and tea. On average, I eat between 1, 250 and 1 400 calories per day. I enjoyed restful nights despite having a tight schedule on my thesis. I hope that you also managed to reach your target.

3. The Question of the Week

The most asked question this week was about jumping. Some people are not able to jump at all. I would love to see them jump because they are missing out of the benefits of jumping. I suggest that they watch the 3 videos, which I posted on this blog about jumping. If you cannot jump after watching these videos, let me know, perhaps you would have to send me your video so that I can see how you are jumping for me to help if I can.

Stay blessed!


4. Something to look forward to!!

Next week Friday, I would review my current weight in Phase, after jumping for 2 months…Make a date with me… This is very exciting.

5. Gratitude

To all of you, who have been supporting me emotionally and spiritually during this weight-loss programme, I say thank you ever so much…


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited post



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