A lot of us sit on our knowledge wealth. We have internal mines full of valuable information. We are walking archives. Yet, we do not know how much we are worth because we have not done enough exploration of our knowledge reserves. We realise often our value only when someone steals our information right under our noses and translates it into tangible wealth. Yet, we see how these information hackers struggle daily to steal our information. They try to make sure that we do not publish that information. They make sure that we have no resources to pursue our dreams so that when we leave our premises, they would stay behind to publish our information under their names. Let’s face it! These are often people that we know very well, and might trust with our knowledge resources. We interact with these hackers in diverse ways. They listen attentively to our conversations on our experiences. They get these experiences without our consent, and translate them into real wealth, which they own solely. The question is whether we are doing something to protect our knowledge wealth. We must learn to protect  our information from knowledge hackers. Most importantly, let us learn to transform our information into tangible, but valuable assets. Otherwise, what good is our knowledge if we cannot benefit from it!


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post


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