Spreading meals over several days might prevent weight gain

The method of spreading meals is highly contentious. There is no right or wrong answer. It depends on what works for someone.  I construct the term spreading meals to mean either eating food containing many calories over a period of days instead of eating it all in a single meal, or eating many calories in a single meal, but skipping food on later days to knock off extra calories consumed in a single meal.

To begin with, I say often that I do not like talking about meals in weight-loss programme. That is not my strategy to lose weight. As a result, I do not wish to be misunderstood. I do not support weight-loss programmes, which encourage especially drastic food reductions. I am convinced that a person exercising to lose weight must make sure to eat full meals daily. Yet, if someone wants to over eat on a particular day, I suggest that such a person learns about, first, how to spread the extra calories in meals throughout the week. There are several suggestions such as banking food weekly. I am not talking about this.

Skipping meals to prevent weight gain!!!

In this article, I talk about spreading meals over several days. For instance, if someone wants to eat a rich cake, it is important to know at least the basic ingredients about that cake. One needs to know at least the total number of eggs, sugar, and butter in that cake. So, if one over eats a cake on a particular day, which comprises 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons of sugar, and 25 grams of butter, it means that one would not eat an egg at least 2 days in that particular week. If one eats 1 tablespoon of sugar in a day, it means that one would skip eating 1 tablespoon of sugar 1 day in that particular week. It means also that one would not eat butter that particular week or would replace butter with a spread that has very low calories. This method sounds fabulous, but it is all about skipping some meals. Yet, most people, who over eat have problems to control their appetite. I do not favour this method unless something happens beyond one’s control.

Eating a meal in 2 or more days might prevent weight gain

Secondly, there is an alternative. It is advisable to spread that particular food over a period of days. So, instead of eating it all in one day, it is advisable to eat the food in 2 or more days. That way, one does not skip meals, but replaces certain meals on a particular day. This method of spreading meals over a period of days requires self-control.  This is mainly because food having many calories is kept in the house—perhaps in a refrigerator, which is within one’s reach. If it is one’s favourite food, it might be hard for one to spread it over days. The likelihood of eating it all in one sitting is very high.

Increasing the amount of time spent exercising might shade off extra calories

Thirdly, I argue from experience that it is better increasing the amount of exercises per day to deal with extra food, which one over eats. This works in most situations because often people do not want to over exercise. So, when one thinks of over eating, one might not over indulge to avoid over exercising.

Remembering the main reason for weight-loss might prevent weight gain

Lastly, I wish to say that dealing with over eating involves several strategies, but not limited to one.  Plausibly,  we all indulge in food at least once in a while although it might be daily struggle for others. What works well  for me, is a constant-self reminder about the main reason I am exercising, and the effort so far into my weight-loss programme. Yet, if I want to enjoy food rich in calories, I make sure to share some of it with friends, or spread it over a period of days. For instance, I love a homemade pizza rich with cheese (See a video below). Each time, I prepare it, I eat it with friends, or I keep some in the refrigerator for later days.



Today, I did not feel like jumping, but I did it anyway…

This morning, I did 2000 jumps in about 38 minutes from 10:25 to 11:03. I did also body stretches in 22 minutes. I spent a total of 1 hour exercising. I did not feel like exercising today, but I did it anyway. I did not even squeeze orange juice as usual although I have 3 remaining from last week. Instead, I drank 1 litre of water with 1 teaspoon of ascorbic buffered acid. I say always that each time I think about the reasons I am exercising, I find it easy to continue exercising.  I did not feel like exercising not because I was tired, but because I had urgent matters to deal with at school. Some office did not do their work very well and I was affected. I spent the afternoon dealing with issues. I am grateful that is done so that I can focus on my thesis and exercises. I drank 2.700 litres of homemade slimmer’s juice. This afternoon, I carried 500 ml of warm water, which I drank during my meeting. I do not value plain water during weight-loss programmes, but I had to do it, since I ran out of rooibos and green tea. I made sure to use warm water. It is better than plain cold water. I have to stock my orange and lemon basket as soon as possible.

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post.


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