Why combine varied types of sessions?

It is important to combine the different types of sessions during the jumping exercises to increases weight-loss. This makes you sweat a lot, which in turn contributes to losing weight. For instance, if you want to do 500 jumps in 5 minutes, you can do the first 50, then 100, 200, and 50 jumps in each session. I often do 100 counts per session during my jumping sessions (See video about the meaning of a session, a count and rest in Article posted on June 19). This morning, I decided to do  a combination of 100 and 200 jumps per session. Thus, I did 6 sessions comprising 100 jumps each (i.e 600 jumps), and 12 sessions comprising 200 jumps each (which is 2400 jumps). I did these sessions in a non-chronological order. I sweated very much this morning. My entire tee-shirt was soaked in sweat as a bucked of water was poured over me.

A combination of sessions is important because the body does not read your exercises as normal routine. This is debatable, but experience has shown that this does happen. You probably have heard people, who say that they cannot lose weight despite exercising even if the problem is not water retention. This is partly because a body engages itself into a protection-mode after observing a monotonous routine and registering it as normal activity of the body. You need to break that monotonous routine so that the body responds to weight loss activities without engaging itself into a defense mechanism, where you would exercise, but never lose much weight.

I hope that this brief explanation makes sense.



I did 3000 jumps in 48 minutes from 10:00 to 10:48 hours in the morning. I was very happy because I did not plan to do 3000 jumps, but I did  it anyway. I felt great, and I am still excited especially that last evening I enjoyed a piece of cake. I did also body stretches in about 17 minutes from 10:48 to 11:05 hours. Today, I did things differently. It was great. I stretched my body after jumping. Normally, I start by body stretches and warm ups, then jump and close with body stretches, which relax muscles. I also drank 2.6 litres of weight-loss fluids. I have not yet organised fruits this week. This means that I used buffered vitamin C. Perhaps, tomorrow, I would use the remaining 3 oranges to make exercising juice. I hope that you also enjoyed your exercises. I am eager to get to Friday. I am excited, but I would tell you tomorrow.

Stay blessed!

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post



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