1. Count down…

  • 5 days to July 31, 2012, next Tuesday when I would reveal my new weight after jumping for 2 months. Remember to diarise this special day! I am very excited…

2. Jumping Reduces Weight…

Those who have sent me emails privately asking me whether jumping reduces weight, I want to say that it worked for me at least twice. Perhaps, it might work for you as well. I am glad that you asked me because I talk from experience, but not from theory. I know weight loss dilemmas both as a fighter and trainer. I argue plausibly that the best persons to share experiences on weight-loss are those who experienced the difficulty in losing weight, and eventually lost it. These are two important features. There are numerous advisers online today. I want to say that being a fitness trainer/a close relation to someone who battle with weight does not necessarily make one a great advisor on weight-loss issues, mostly if one has never experienced personally the trouble of losing weight. I want to say also that people, who have always being slender, might not be the best persons advising on weight-loss issues. Although they might have witnessed someone else lose weight, they might not have been there personally to experience the hurdles involvement in exercising for weight loss.  While it is true that even those who have not experienced personal problems with their weight can also share experiences, it is also true that the most effective experiences come mostly from personal ones. Thus, be eclectic, listen to both life experiences as well as second-hand informers, and choose what works best for you from both sources. All the best!


My Face dripping with sweat 5 minutes after jumping

I do not want to blow my trumpet, but I can safely and confidently say that jumping reduces weight.

  • I am sure those of you who have been with me from the beginning, you saw how I lost weight—3 inches on average—which is about 9.5/10 kg weight reduction in 1 month, 4 days. If that is not weight-loss, what is it then!
  • Even if you do not believe, sweat is enough to show that jumping reduces weight. I am covered always in sweat when jumping. I wish that the fitness production could design sunglasses with a towel material around the rims so that sweat does not drip into eyes when jumping. It feels like salty water running into my eyes. Just look at the picture below, which I took about 5 minutes after exercises. I should have taken one during jumping but I did not know I was going to get this question. I hope that this explains your question. Just look forward to next Tuesday—July 31, 2012—and see for yourself how jumping reduce weight. I am very excited and looking forward. 
  • Yet, the best way to prove that jumping reduces weight is to jump for at least 20 days, Monday to Friday, for at least 250-500 counts per day. As the old adage says: the proof of a pudding is in tasting.



This morning, I did 2, 200 jumps in about 37 minutes from 08:53 to 09:30 hours. I did body stretches in about 16 minutes from 09:32 to 09:48 hours. I spent a total of 53 minutes. I made sure that I rearranged my exercises by starting with jumping and ending with body stretches instead of starting with stretches, jumping and ending with stretches. Just like I did yesterday, I combined also 100 and 200 jumps per sessions. I drank 2.7 fluids today. I eat always my meals unless otherwise. So far, I have consumed about 1,021. I never eat less than 1, 200 calories per day. How do I feel? I am very excited today, I have already reached 10, 000 jumps, which is my target this week. Tomorrow, I would jump just for keeping the heart working. I have a slight pain in my shoulder socket (See picture below) because I did 3000 jumps on Tuesday and Wednesday. I should have reduced the jumping to 2000 on Wednesday, and increase to 3000 on Thurs. I have to remember that next time. Otherwise, if you are jumping below 2000, you have no pain or when you are alternating your 3000. Yet, this is relative. Overall, I am happy, since I did my jumping already for this week, and I can see the results. I was happy dressing well and tucking my teeshirt. What a great thing! I don’t have to hide a belly at all.


@Chipo Muponisi

A faint pain in my shoulder







@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post




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