1. 1.       COUNT DOWN

4 days before I reveal my new weight on Tuesday, July 31 2012


This morning, I jumped without using a rope during my weight loss exercises. I wanted to make sure that my shoulder was alright before pushing a rope over it. If you recall, yesterday I told you that I felt some tiny pain in my shoulder. Thus, this morning, I decided not to swing a rope over my head to prevent worsening my shoulder just in case there was something wrong. I am glad that I am okay.

Jumping without a rope also reduces weight just like jumping over a rope does. Yet, it is not as effective as jumping over a rope. If you can not jump over a rope, you can still jump without it. Yet, you need to know how to make it work as effective as using a rope.  So, if you are jumping without a rope, you need the following:

I.            Wear a jersey or a sweat shirt before jumping! It keeps the body heat, which is vital in weight-loss mostly when jumping without a rope. This is a debatable issue. Yet, it works. I am positive that those of us, who have jogged in a sweat shirt, would testify. The trick is to make sure that the room you exercise from has enough air circulating, when jumping in your sweat shirt. You must also make sure breathing in and out properly. I sweated greatly in my jersey while jumping.

II.            Lift your arms in a circular motion while jumping! The arms create resistance during jumping, which contributes to weight-loss. You can also shake your behind and shoulders while jumping. Yet, if you have a pain either in your shoulder or arm, you must not circulate your arms in motion. Simply jump! This means that you have to jump more than you do with a rope.  I circulated briefly my left arm only because of the faint pain in my right arm. It was fun shaking my behind while jumping.

III.            You must have fun when jumping without a rope. Dance or do whatever you feel like doing while jumping without a rope. Behaving like a child makes you enjoy the exercise. I danced and played with a mirror while jumping. It was great, but naughty.


  1. 3.       TODAY

This morning, I did 2000 jumps in about 36 minutes from 08:47 to 09:23 hours. I did body stretches in 21 minutes from 08:19 to 08:40 hours. I spent about 57 minutes exercising. I drank about 2 litres of fluids. I enjoyed working from the library, and walking to school through the sunlight. It has been cold June and July, but the weather was really great this week. I loved it.

  1. 4.       WEEKLY OVERVIEW

I am glad that I did 12, 200 jumps this week (Monday 2000 jumps in 38 minutes; Tuesday I did 3000 in 48 minutes; Wednesday I did another 3000 in 46 minutes; Thursday I did 2, 200 jumps in 37 minutes and Friday, today I did 2000 jumps in 36 minutes). My target for this week was to do 10,000 counts, but I did 12, 200 counts. This is yet another record for me because I never jumped 12,200 per week before. I am glad that I did it. As I said earlier, it is challenging to lose weight in the 2nd phase (2nd month) of the weight-loss programme, since we are dealing with HARD fats. I hope that this effort has helped me lose weight. I am looking forward to next Tuesday—July 31—to see how much weight I lost during the 2nd phase. I would be glad to lose at least 1 or 2 inches. Trust me! I know how hard it is dealing with hard fats.

I spent about 3 hours 35 minutes exercising this week. The largest part of my hours, I spent them as usual on my thesis. I am glad that I exercised as well as worked on my school work.

I drank at least about 11 to 12 litres of weight-loss fluids. I did body stretches, which target muscles to avoid water retention. By the way, we do not often realize how much water we consume per week. I poured 12 litres in a bucket, and I was shocked to see the amount of water that I drank this week. It is crazy.

I consumed between 1, 200 and 1, 400 calories per day this week. I am not keen and would never be keen about drastic food reduction. I love my food, but I eat “correct” food types—often whole foods—just enough for my body. I love tasty and aromatic food. I enjoy my food, but my secret is always eating in moderation. Some of our friends stop eating only when the arm starts to hurt. Let’s be temperate! It is more than control, but more about making the right-food choices. Our bodies are ours. We are responsible for whatever we feed our bodies with.

I am excited, and I am eager to enjoy my weekend. I have not planned anything this week, but it would happen spontaneously.

I wish you well and stay blessed!

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post





  1. I am narayan age 25 height 6″.I am doing skipping with out rope from last month.
    can u suggest me this exercise is helpful to me.

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