(A) On the Eve of my new weight

I am busy working on my thesis right now. I just want to remind you to keep a date with me tomorrow. I promised that I would show my new weight after exercising for 2 months—the 2nd phase of my weight-loss programme shortly before beginning my 3rd and last phase on August 01, 2012. As I said, I am not sure how much weight I lost in my 2nd phase, since it is tough reducing hard fats after the soft fats in the 1st month. I increased the rate of jumping so that, at least, I can lose 1 inch or more. This is what makes it interesting because I want to know just how much I knocked off…Woo!

(B) A few Indicators to weight loss

Although I do not know whether I lost weight or not, I have a few indicators. I think that I lost weight in the 2nd phase because of the following:

  1. People’s Comments: I smiled quietly on Saturday because a church member referred to me as a slender person when she was talking about her weight gain. I am not slender yet, but I smiled because not so long ago I put on weight to a point where I began to wear size 42—pair of trousers. I think that she could be right because she probably never saw me when I was a size 38 & 42. I joined that church after I dropped from 38 to 36. How paradoxical! Okay, I worked out and lost weight to 34, but I regained part of it last year and early this year. As I said earlier, I spent long hours on my desk and put on weight. I am glad that I started reducing my weight again on May 27, 2012 to date. This won’t happen again because I am going to use the old karate tricks to maintain weight. It is true that I was never a big person. I fluctuate between small and medium since age 35. Yet, from 2008, my weight was different because I gained weight extremely, mostly in 2009.
  2. My Mirror Image: I was also surprised when I saw myself in the shop windows when I went to a supermarket. The full-length mirror in my bedroom shows that I am large, but I noticed that I looked much slender in shop windows. So, I checked my mirror again, and realised that it has a double effect. It shows both a large and slender person depending on how it is positioned. How interesting! I just have to wait and see how much weight I have lost by measuring my body tomorrow morning.
  3. My old clothes became loose: I noticed that some of my old clothes, including those unmentionable articles of clothing, have grown slightly bigger. I would soon need a new wardrobe. Yet, it has to wait until after the 3rd phase. I checked my old skirt. It used to be very tight, but now it fits me very well, and it is loose on my waist.
  4. My eye policing fats consciously and subconsciously: It is interesting that I have become more cautious of the fats within the food and subconscious of the amounts of food I consume outside my home. This is not an issue when I am eating within my home because I prepare the food in ways, which prevent weight gain—not serious animal fats. Yet, I have no control about the food, which others prepare in their homes. That is why; the previous weekend, I resolved not to dinner within my friends’ homes, but to insist on going out to a good cosmopolitan restaurant. The cost of healthy food is expensive so it reduces the amount of food consumed carelessly. Yet, it is not always that you influence people to eat out, especially during this economic meltdown. This weekend, I was invited for a buffet luncheon at another friend’s place. I picked the food I wanted to eat, but I picked more food than I needed, and eat it all. I did not worry because my eye saw that the total calories where not more than 700. Yet, I noticed that I was busy dissecting my chicken while eating—which is a bad habit—making sure that I did not eat any fats. What a terrible way of behaving in public, but I did it anyway.
  5. My body has become light: I feel light such that I lift my weight off the ground easily consciously and subconsciously, mostly when I am walking. I find myself enjoying jumping on and off elevated corridors along our school lawns. I run around while walking. I feel great. I sleep soundly despite any problem. I make good choices of the type of friends I stick around with. It is great that we all love humour. I constantly prioritise me because the world is revolving right now about me.
  6. I enjoy exercising: I find exercising now very interesting. This is the type of person that I am I love exercising. I lost that aspect when I went to work in West Africa. There was not time for me. In 2009 after leaving West Africa, I began exercising to curb my weight. When I noticed that I gained some weight this year, I dealt with it before it got out of control. Now, I have built within my weight maintenance programme a system to prevent weight gain.
  7. Consistency: I am consistent with my prayers and meditation because of the jumping exercises. I enjoy my prayers and meditations. I can concentrate more with clarity than when I stopped exercising. What a great life!  


This morning, I did 2,100 jumps in 37 from 09:52 to 10:29 hours. I did body stretches in 23 minutes. I spent a total of 1 hour exercising. I drank 2.8 litres of fluids. I am back to rooibos tea, which is a great tea, without calories, but invigorates your heart. I ate enough calories.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post  



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