Day 78: Videos Showing the Weight I lost


I have posted these two videos to confirm my claim that I have lost weight through jumping exercises. Those of you, who have been with me from the beginning, I am sure you would confirm this with me. Even if you have not joined us, just look at the pictures in the article, which I posted on May 27, you would see the difference. I hope that these videos urge you to embark on your journey of weight loss.

Video # 1: Shows my excitement as a result of losing weight, and that a size 8 skirt cannot fit me at all despite being a small size




Video # 2: I try explaining the change (weight loss) with practical/life examples




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I lost 7 INCHES on average from May 27 to August 30, 2012. The most significant weight loss was in June–the first month of my weight loss programme–when I lost 3 inches on average. I enjoyed exercising with you. See you in the 2nd phase (November 2012). I will continue checking my blog . Thus, I would be able to respond to your comments. All the best if you are still exercising…




– I am now 26 INCHES on my waist around my black spot today August 30…

my final weight in 1st phase

26 inches around my waist, August 30


– I was 32 INCHES on my waist around my black spot on May 27 (See Article posted on June 29)


Weight around my waist on the black spot (May 27)



2. WATCH THIS VERY BRIEF VIDEO (Just 1 minute 13 seconds video) showing my new weight.

CLICK the link below!

my final weight in phase 1 of my weight loss programme




As usual, I jumped 1000 counts in 19 minutes from 17:30 to 17:49 hours. I did my jumping in the evening. I drank my fluids as usual (2 litres). I ate all my meals. I prayed and meditated as usual. I hope that you also enjoyed your day.

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I Hope that you take this free data seriously…

I reserved this information until the end of my weight loss programme because it is very important for you to know. I am telling you this now because I want you to remember it forever. I want to tell you four important points for you to lose weight with ease. The trouble with free information is that you MIGHT not take it seriously. Trust me! It is core to your weight loss. I will tell you only 4 points, which your trainer never told you about weight loss exercising:

  1. You must DO ALL you can to lose weight in the FIRST month of your weight loss programme. Most body types NEVER lose SIGNIFICANT weight several days after the initial start of a weight loss programme. This occurs usually from about 20 to 25 days after the initial day. You might agree with me if you had monitored your progress. Off course bodies are different, you might be having a different one. Yet, generally, most people do not lose significant weight from about 20 to 25 days and several months later. If they do, it is OFTEN VERY SMALL that it does not equate the amount of energy spent exercising. I repeat that it is VERY CRUCIAL for you to make sure that you spend all your energy exercising in the first month. Yet, the discretion is still yours. Most people lose between 10-18kgs on average if they exercise and diet properly in the first month. Some few people lose  even between 20-30 kgs. Your trainer might not tell you this. They have their own reasons for keeping this information from you. You can ask them to tell you the truth or you can figure out on your own. I know this because I trained people FREELY in martial arts for several years before I stopped. I have always shared this part of information with my students. I am sharing it with you now.
  2. You must comprehend that most body types INTERPRET your WEIGHT LOSS EXERCISES as STRESS when you exercise for several days whether continuously or intermittently. As long as you exercise for several days. As a result, the body engages into a SELF DEFENSE MECHANISM. They assume that they are combating stress while you think that you are exercising. This self-defense mechanism might continue for several months.
  3. You must AIM to lose at least 10-18kgs within the 1st month of your 1ST PHASEFIRST THREE MONTHS OF YOUR WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAMME—stop exercising immediately after the FIRST THREE MONTHS unless your doctor recommends otherwise. Off course, the duration might depend on your body type. Yet, this is on average. Then, resume after these first three months and aim to lose again at least 10-18kgs in the first month of the 2nd PHASE. Again, take another break for THREE MONTHS. Then, again resume after three months, and aim to lose again 10-18kgs in the first month of 3rd PHASE. That is why; on average, most people take about 1 and 6 months to lose 30 to 40kgs. If you check your weight loss progress, you might discover that you have lost very little despite exercising often. Perhaps, no one told this information I have just revealed to you. Trust me! The likelihood for business people to count-react to this information might be very high. Yet, it is real. At the end of the day, the discretion is yours. I lost so much weight during the 1st month of the 1st phase of my weight loss programme. It is not a secret because I documented all the input and output. I am sure you would agree with me that I lost very little when I engaged into too much exercises during the 2nd phase. I did not because I wanted to find out whether the body responds similarly when one exercises with a jumping rope. I found that there was no difference whether you are jumping,  running, cycling, walking, swimming, etc, your body engages  into self-defense mechanism at some stage.
  4. Lastly, you do not gain weight easily IF you rest from exercises for three months UNLESS you are over eating, eating wrongly, not sleeping well, not walking about or not doing other chores. This information most trainers and doctors might not tell you because they do not want you to stop exercising for their own reasons. Yet, you know that you cannot die. I am saying that  it is necessary for you to stay away from exercises until your body is ready to lose weight. You will do this only for 1 year and 6 months. After that, you would continue normally with your weight maintenance programme at least 3 times per week. Again, the discretion is yours.


Today: I relaxed my body despite having a busy schedule


  • Today, I did my jumping exercises in the evening because I was very busy in the morning and afternoon. I did 1000 jumps in about 18 minutes from 21:33 to 21: 51 hours. Yet, I did my prayers and meditation in the morning as usual. I drank my morning weight loss fluids—1 litre. I drank my green tea despite being busy in the afternoon (600mls of concentrated green tea—4 bags). In total I drank about 3 litres of fluids, since it was very hot today. I ate well within my daily calories intake. I had chicken, sorghum, and cabbage.
  • *As I said in another article, I deal with stress immediately I see or face it to avoid piling it, which leads to abnormal weight gain. When I returned home at 20:50 hours, I made sure that I relaxed from my busy day, while preparing my super. Besides, I ran a hot bubble bath with peach flavour and lavender,  and soaked my body for at least 15 minutes to relax my muscles after a very busy day. Then, I had my supper and rested before tying you this article. Now, I am relaxing while typing you this message. I am actually enjoying my hot chocolate. This is what I meant when I said that you do not have to let stress accumulate before dealing with it. Why wait for the weekend to take a 1 hour bubble bath! Do it daily in smaller portions. If you want, the weekend bath would only be leisure. When you are busy, it is helpful to bubble bath for short minutes.

                                                                                   Have a lovely night and stay blessed


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NB: I promised that I would respond to all emails asking me questions about weight loss on Sunday. I did not find any questions, but only positive comments. Thank you for your comments.


Something crossed my mind this morning during my bath. I take time often to relax in my bath. I do not wait for stress to accumulate for me to relax. I believe strongly in using every opportunity daily to relax my body, mind, and soul within my busy life schedules. Thus, the thought was very vivid. It re-echoed: do it for yourself! I wondered what the message was all about. It became very clear as I relaxed in my warm bath. I have to share it with you. It is my message to you about do it for yourself. If you are likely to succeed in your weight loss programme, I recommend that you do it for yourself. It means not losing weight to impress others, but to help yourself whichever way you want. The hiccup in impressing others include a huge chance that you would not manage impressing them always. This might affect your continuity with your weight loss programme. Yet, if you do it for yourself, you are likely to stick in even when the going is rocky. It might pay exercising to impress loved ones because of their validation. Although external validation is great, it is not priority in weight loss. Validation is there only to confirm that we are losing weight because onlookers would be able to notice changes within our bodies and moods related to weight loss. Otherwise, we must ground ourselves into doing it for us.

The only time you can do exercises for others might be when you are trying to set an example for your young children, siblings or any other young people in your custody. Otherwise, do it for yourself.

Since this is my last week exercising with you, I urge you to continue exercising on your own. Remember always that you are doing it for yourself, but neither for me nor anyone else. Simply You! You! You!



Today: Make exercises your life style

This morning I did 1, 200 jumps in 17 minutes from 10:20 to 10:37 hours. I love the fact that I still manage to jump even when I do not feel like jumping. I guess that this is important because it is likely to keep me jumping for a very long time. I have decided that although I am going to stop documenting my progress online, I would still continue jumping between 1000 counts daily (Mon-Fri). I love how exercising has really rekindled me in many ways. I missed exercising. 3 months ago, I decided to return to exercising. It is my life. It is my life style. I love it. I hope that you would love it as well.

I drank my fluids as usual. I have so far drank 2.2 litres out of which 600mls was concentrated green tea. I am still researching about the impact of drinking concentrated green tea on health. So far, I did not find any negative information. I drank 4 teabags in 600mls in the afternoon. I keep raising the amount of green tea bags in 600mls. It is interesting to listen to the body as it responds to green tea.

I ate all necessary meals within the range of my calories per day.


I hope that you managed to jump for yourself today…


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No tale-tales today…

I am not discussing anything with you in details today. I did not sleep last night. I had a lot of work to complete. I was only able to sleep for about 3 hours from 08: 30 to 12:00 hours. Normally 3 hours is enough, but I continued working in the afternoon when I woke up. So, I need to rest early today. Send me your questions, I would respond to them on Sunday as clean up the work I was doing last night…


This morning, I did 1000 jumps in 17 minutes from 07:40 to 07:57 hours. Trust me! There is a possibility that I jumped more than I was able to count. I felt LIKE a drunkard. I was very drowsy, since I never slept last night because I wanted to meet my deadline. So, this morning, I kept counting and recounting the sessions although I was able to jump properly. I observed that I kept blurring the numbers as I counted aloud, “WWhanu, twwooouh, treeeh…wwhanu…” Then, I would end up questioning myself whether it was one or four, which I would need to count next.  I found also myself jumping while staring into the ceiling, which meant that I had to redo the counting. However, writing down the counts per session helped me stay on track, but I would forget to write counts down. I jumped not that I was pressured to do so, but I just wanted to know how it feels jumping when one is drowsy for not sleeping the previous night or other reasons. I don’t think that it is a great idea to jump when feeling drowsy. Perhaps, it might be worse jumping when drowsy with alcohol. One might break one’s leg. Yet, the discretion is still yours…

I have drunk so far 1.6 litres of fluids. I drank 4 teabags of green tea this afternoon. I had my breakfast late, which functioned as lunch. It comprised a piece of roasted butternut and 5 tablespoons of oats with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Since, I did not pay much attention to my breakfast and lunch today, I have to make sure that my supper is well-balanced. I have to eat it early so that I give it time to digest because I sleep. It is going to involve more of roasted vegetables and chicken.

Okay! Enjoy your weekend….


Weekly Overview:

I forgot to include my weekly overview earlier. Here it is:

  • I  reached more than my intended target for this week. I planned to jump 5000 counts per week. I did 5, 900 counts (On Monday I did 1,300 jumps in 26 minutes, Tuesday I did 1000 jumps in 17 minutes, Wednesday I did 1,600 jumps in 23 minutes, Thursday I did 1000 jumps in 14 minutes, and today Friday I did 1000 jumps in 17 minutes)
  • I spent a total of 1 hour 37 minutes
  • I drank around 11 litres of fluids. This week, I used very warm water to flash out the system in the morning shortly before my jumping exercises. I used concentrated green tea in 600mls every afternoon, which is 3 litres of concentrated green tea per week.
  • I was very  busy generally this week.
  • In terms of feelings, 2 days were not so good (My laptop adapter blew off on Tuesday, and today Friday I was very drowsy while jumping due to insufficient sleep). Overall, I had a great week with 5 fantastic days, where I enjoyed my new weight very much. The sun was bright enough and I enjoyed hot pants. I expect at least my schedule to normalise next.

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Prayer and meditation in weight loss exercises

I wish to remind you that this is my final month–August–to exercise with you online. So, next week, I would summarise our journey before leaving you. I must admit that I enjoyed exercising with you and all your comments. They were very helpful even when you just clicked on like.

I think that I need to share my core energy in weight loss. I have been successful because of prayer and meditation. Every day is such a wonderful day because of exercising because prayer and meditation have helped me increase my concentration levels not only during exercises, but also in other areas of life. This has helped me to remain focused and stay with clarity. I hope that you have been praying and meditating during your exercises. Remember that our initial plans about our daily activities included prayer and meditation. I made sure that I exploited these activities to the fullest. I hope to continue with prayer and meditation. This is rather a huge subject, which I cannot unpack here. Perhaps, I will write full details and experiences as a result of prayer and meditation.


Today: My feelings 

This morning, I did 1000 jumps in 14 minutes from 09:56 to 10:13 hours. I did not want to jump initially because I am still busy. As usual, I did it anyway. I learnt not to over jump when I do not feel like it to avoid setting my body into a stress-resistance mode, which prevents weight loss. I remember always that less is more when you are not feeling like jumping.

I drank 2.5 litres of relevant fluids as usual. I have maintained drinking concentrate green tea although I am researching about it. So far, I have not found anything negative about drinking concentrated green tea. In fact, I found that some people drink more than 3 teabags.

I ate all my meals, and I enjoyed a bar of Magnum ice cream, which is coated with a thin layer of chocolate and mixed with almonds. A friend of mine bought it for me, and I enjoyed it. I love my food, and my weight loss programme does not recommend drastic food reductions. I have always eaten whole foods because I love the taste, but also the impact on health.

I took time to dress up well. It is summer. So, I enjoyed wearing shorts. I realised that I lost so much weight than I actually imagined because these shorts are a medium size, but they could not fit me at all. They were too loose. I hope to document my journey from the start of our programme to the last day.

The first week of September, I plan to host a small get together with friends to celebrate my new weight. I hope that your journey has been as successful as mine.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post




The Secret of having an online weight loss programme

The secret of having an online weight-loss programme is the weight loss itself. I had an opportunity yesterday to think profoundly about consistency. My laptop adapter blew off. As a result, I did have the opportunity to share data with you online about my weight loss progress. The yesterdays’ inability to communicate with you, made me realised how much I have shared data with you consistently, since the inception of my weight loss programme on May 27 to date.

It became extremely clear to me that it is as a result of sharing data consistently with you online that I lost so much weight in a short time. I became committed to both you and me through the process of sharing data consistently with you online. Thus, I recommend that you set up an online system of sharing data with others on your personal weight loss journey. This is more likely to help you lose weight because you would feel accountable not only to yourself, but also to your daily readers. This worked for me. I hope that it works for you too. Certainly, there can be a backlash for sharing information online. Yet, it might not be huge to offset your weight loss. Use your discretion!

I think that setting up an online programme to maintain weight consistently might be as effective as the one on weight-loss. The principle is the same. You would feel accountable not only to yourself, but also to your readers. As a result, you would check your weight consistently. This would remind you to exercise each time you gain weight. If you reached already your weight loss target, I recommend that you set up immediately your online weight-maintenance plan, and visit it at least twice or more weekly.



A)     Yesterday (August 21, 2012)

Jumping exercise: I did not post my JUMPING exercise results yesterday, August 21, 2012. It seems that a short circuit blew my laptop’s adapter. I could not use my other laptop because it uses the same adapter’s cable. Anyway, yesterday I did 1000 jumps in about 17 minutes from 09:05 to 09:22 hours. I was excited because despite being busy and feeling sluggish, I jumped at least 1000 counts.

Concentrated green Tea: I observed listening to my heart that drinking concentrate green tea might be very effective in weight loss. I used 3 teabags in 550mls of hot water yesterday afternoon, which I drank in about 10 minutes. I’m not sure if this has a negative impact on one’s health. I recommend that you research about it before using it.

Fluids & Food: I eat within my recommended calories per day. I drank my necessary weight loss fluids about 2.5 litres. Yesterday, I did not have any new experience to share apart from my results. Yet, I was excited as usual.


B)      Today (August 22, 2012)

This morning, I was eager to jump. So, I did 1,600 jumps in 23 minutes from 07:28 to 07:52 hours. I have so far drunk 1.9 litres for the day. I eat my full meals. I am still busy this week. So, I did not cook anything exciting today. Yet, yesterday I did when I repeated my Sunday recipe on what I call rolled fried chicken—one of my many improvised recipes.


FEELINGS: I am still excited about my weight loss, since the first month of my weight loss programme when I lost excess weight.  Early this evening, I met a friend, who I did not see, since I lost weight. I found our encounter very exciting. She said that I looked fine. She loved what I did with my face and hair. She insisted that something was different about me, but she did not know what it was. She kept asking me, “Iwe! [You!] Tell me! What has changed about you? Definitely something has changed…” I smiled knowingly.  Then, she exploded suddenly, “My goodness! It is your weight, isn’t it?” She was very startled that she wanted to know exactly what happened to me that I lost much weight in our short period of absence. I knew what she meant by that question. Thus, I assured her that my weight loss had nothing to do with any sickness, since I embarked on a 3 months weight loss programme. After that, I observed her sighing happily with relief. She wants to join my weight loss programme. Yet, she would like to wait until she is in a position to buy new clothes just in case she loses much weight. I find this reason quite common among students. They want desperately to lose weight, but finances as students stand in their way of losing weight. I went ahead and lost my weight. I am using some of my old clothes, but the majority has become big. I would love to put them on an exchange plan, but I would not wear someone else’s former clothes. I would rather donate them.  In any case, my evening was really exciting. I felt inside me as great as I looked from outside. That was marvelous!


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DAY 70: Too Much Vegetables in Weight Loss!!!


Too much vegetables

Most people think that eating too much vegetables is a great way to lose weight. I argue conversely as follows:

  1. It is a waste to eat more than your body requires. The body can only use so much food per day. The rest comes out as waste material. There is no point in eating more than your body requires. It is a waste of resources such as time, energy, and money.
  2. A tummy might bulge as a result of eating too much for a very long time. The intestines are likely to grow big and belly skin might lose its elasticity and droops. This might make it difficult to attain a flat tummy even after a series of belly exercises. Can you imagine one eating a medium cabbage per day!
  3. Some vegetables have a very high rate of calories. One is likely to gain a lot of weight simply by eating much of those vegetables. Kidney beans, for example, is rich in calories. A cup is about 210-220 calories.  Potatoes, mostly those in their jackets, have high calories. By the way, most people do not want to eat plain vegetables. I agree with them because some vegetables taste horrible. As a result, some people prefer eating fried vegetables to raw ones.Yet,  vegetable oil (mostly the processed oil) has high calories, which makes it close to animal fats. On average, vegetable oil might be 120-124 calories per tablespoon. Therefore, eating too much fried vegetables might not be a wise solution. Some people like eating a mixture of vegetables, nuts, fruits and/or honey. This taste great in most situations. Yet, fruit like avocado pears, dates, peaches and so on, contain high calories. Honey, although it is highly nutritious than processed cane sugar, it has more calories than cane sugar. A tablespoon of honey has about 44 calories, while a tablespoon of processed cane sugar has about 32 calories.

In view of the above, I recommend eating only what is necessary per day. I enjoy my food. For instance, today, I ate fried vegetables and what I call rolled fried chicken. I ate only enough calories for my body.


This morning, I did 1, 300 jumps in 26 minutes from 11:10 to 11:26 hours. This week, I began doing body stretches. I stretched my body for about 15 minutes from 10:54 to 11:09 hours. I drank my fluids (2.2 litres), especially green tea. I ate properly–my break fast, lunch and supper. I enjoyed my lunch and supper. I ate yesterday’s left overs–rolled fried chicken and vegetables.

Future Plans:

I have not yet spoken to my friend so that she can post her daily exercises to show her weight loss. I have not seen her, since last Tuesday. I hope she agrees.

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post.

Art in paintings


The Zebra Painting

I went visiting blogs. I found an interesting blog about a wonderful art work on Zebra ( It made me think how different talents exist in diverse areas  and how isolated we are from each other. I looked at this Zebra work. It is a marvelous piece of work. I imagined doing that zebra art in tie-dye, using a needle and dye on a fabric.I wish I had enough time. If you want to see a sample of how I play with dyes and fabrics to create art, CLICK below:

By the way, did you know that in 2010 I painted some  fabrics, which were used to make some of the attires that Jenifer Hudson wore in her movie on Winnie Mandela? I have not yet watched the movie. Thus, I do not know how many of those fabrics appeared in the final cut. My role was simply tie dying some fabrics. Then, a man designed them into outfits. It was great working with that man. He is talented also. He designed also the outfit for the movie black diamonds. It was a crazy moment, but it was great for me to leave my professional/academic life and live a simple life of dyes, threads and fabrics. That was really a wonderful time in my life.

————————————————–I love art—————————————————————




Day 69: Using A Food Basket in Weight Loss Programme


I cannot believe it…I typed an article…immediately I clicked publish, someone hacked it right under my nose. I have to redo the article because I typed it directly into word press, and lost it without backup…I am not bothered about you because you taught me to keep back ups…


A food basket cutting food cravings

A food basket works to control food cravings. Many, many years ago, someone taught me about how to use a food basket to control food cravings. I was slender as a child then. I did not see the necessity for the food basket. I found it a little childish although I was a kid. Later, I tried using the food basket. What I learnt about myself, through a food basket, surprised me.

You must place a food basket in the centre of your kitchen.  If you have a table in the centre of your kitchen, place a food basket right at the centre of your table. Make sure that you are able to see and reach this basket with ease. You must tell yourself aloud, while placing a food basket in the centre of your Kitchen that this particular basket is for you each time you want to eat food, which you do not need to eat. The purpose of this given food basket, is for you to thrown in any food which you want to eat for the sake of eating,  not necessarily because you are hungry, or you have to eat.

At first, I found it hard to throw the food into that basket when the food was already in my hands and I was about to land in my mouth. Yet, with time, I began to throw the food into that particular basket. later in the evenings, shortly before bed time, I would collect my food basket. The amount of  food, which I would eventually throw into that particular food basket by the end of the day, surprised me. This taught me something I did not know about myself before the food basket in my life. At that time, I did not know that I ate too much, especially that I was slender. Later, I began to feel guilty about wanting to eat the food when I did not need to eat it.  With time, I stopped using the basket, but I was in control of my appetite.

About eight years ago, I met a woman, who did something like I did many years ago. The only difference is that she did not use a food basket. Instead, she used an amethyst stone, which she wore around her neck. She told me that she rubbed the amethyst stone between her fingers each time she wanted to over eat. She did this to remind herself to avoid over eating.

There are many ways to curb food cravings such as my food basket or the amethyst stone. These are symbolic measures. Use a system that works perfect for you! A permanent solution is best. Yet, a food basket or amethyst stone functions to mitigate your food cravings,  while you are undergoing a permanent solution.

I hope that this short story helps you rethink how you deal with your food cravings!



I was very busy from morning until late afternoon. As a result, I did not do my jumping exercising. I needed to finish something very important. Yet, despite my busy schedule, I managed to drink my fluids and ate the necessary food required for my well-being and weight loss    programme.

I hope to see you next week. Take care and stay blessed…


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post