NOTICE: I don’t know what really happened yesterday. I kept trying to post this blog, but I failed until around 03:00AM. Yet, when I did, I noticed that the pictures did not show…sorry for this inconvenience!

1.         INTRODUCTION: I promised you that I was going to show you the new me today. I am here to do just that, but I am sorry to say that I could not get you great pictures. My camera lens broke. I took pictures with a broken lens. They are not great, but still, they tell a story about my weight loss, which I hope would continue encouraging you to lose weight using a jumping rope.

This is the new me after exercising for 2 months and 4 days—from May 27 to July 31, 2012. I am in my kitchenette at school. I am feeling happy about my new weight. It is a pity that you cannot see the texture of my skin, nails, and hair because of drinking daily my homemade fruit and vegetable juice. I don’t like bonding hair, but I did it anyway.

@Chipo Muponisi

The New me

1.2        THE NEW WEIGHT AROUND MY WAIST ABOVE MY NAVEL: If you recall, my waist above the naval was 29.5 inches on June 29, 2012. Today, July 31 2012, the waist above my navel is 27 inches. After relaxing, it goes up to 27.5 inches, which is 2 inches weight loss around the most important part of my body—the waistline (See picture below).  I did not think that I would lose 2 inches because during the 2nd phase, it is hard to lose weight, since we are dealing with hard fats. I am glad that I did after spending a lot of time exercising from Monday to Friday every week.

@Chipo Muponisi

My new waistline before relaxing. After relaxing, it sets to 27.5

1.3        THE NEW WEIGHT AROUND MY HIPS: On June 29 2012, my weight around the hips was 40 inches. Today, July 31 2012, I have 38 inches around my hips, which is 2 inches off. I am glad extremely for losing 2 inches off my hips. This is a very hard space to lose weight. It paid doing squats.

1.4        OTHER AREAS OF NEW WEIGHT LOSS: The weight on my waist around the black spot was 29 inches on June 29, 2012. Today, June 31 2012, it is 27.5 inches, but 28 inches after relaxing, which is 1 inch weight-loss.  The knees reduced to 14.5 inches from 15.5 inches last Month, which is also 1 inch weight loss.

The gap between my legs is a clear indicator of this weight loss (See picture below)


My new weight at close range

1.5        Today,

This morning, I did only 200 jumps. I wanted to enjoy my new weight. Thus, I wore the right clothes, which fit my new body weight. I wore a size 30 pair of jeans instead of my old jeans—size 34. You don’t have to buy new clothes at this stage because you still have extra inches to lose. My friends gave me huge hugs this morning to compliments me about a job well done. I felt good because the change was so noticeable. I gave myself a great hug (See picture below). What is special about this hug is that you cannot hug yourself if a tummy is obstructing the hug. It shows weight reduction.

@chipo muponisi

Feeling good, hugging meself

1.6        A BREAK FROM EXERCISES FOR 2 WEEKS: After exercising for 2 months and 4 days, I decided to take a break for 2 weeks. I jumped between 2000 and 3000 per day in July 2012. I did a total of 47,100 jumps (in the 1st week I did 10,100; in the 2nd week 12,000; in the 3rd week 10,700; 4th week 12,200; and on July 30 I did 2,100). This is pretty much for the body. When a body undergoes a lot of exercises, it often reads them as stress. Thus, the body engages into a defence mechanism against the wrongly assumed “stress”, so it prevents weight-loss. To reactivate the body, you need to rest and change your daily activities. My target is to reach 25 inches around my waist above the naval by September 2012. During the break, I will continue stretching my body in basic ways, which do not feel like exercising (See examples below). NB: I did not use the bicycle for weight loss, but a rope.

@chipo muponisi

keep stretches until the 3rd round of exercises

1.7        DIARISE WITH ME: I will return to our weight-loss programme on August 14, 2012. Make a date to meet me here again. I am dying to read your stories. I will respond to your private mails this Sunday.


  • Walk at least 20 minutes per day from Monday to Friday
  • Eat only enough to avoid weight gain, within my daily calorie intake for weight loss
  • Eat all meals without skipping any at all
  • Drink enough freshly pressed juice daily, and enough lemon-water
  • Do at least 100 jumps, 1 hour 30 minutes after the main meals
  • Sleep enough by going to bed on time
  • Stay happy and positive not matter what the situation, get help where you can
  • Pray for yourself and others, including our persecutors
  • Do something interesting during your vacation like visiting a dance, book, or craft club
  • Summer is about to begin here in SA, swimming would be a great idea
  • I trust God of Jesus Christ for ALL THINGS. I hope that you too can find God to believe in

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post


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