Let’s discuss this article in details!

I feel that while I am on vacation from exercising, we can discuss some fundamental reasons we are materially poor or even die materially poor.


Situation behind this article

I wrote this article because last Saturday—July 28—I believed strongly that God would move two vital people in my favour. God kept His promise. The man, who had initially refused to sign an important document for me, did so willing on Tuesday—July 31—and I got what I wanted from the government this morning—Saturday, August 4. This is the fastest one can ever get response from the government on the issue I was dealing with. The woman, who was reluctant meeting me the previous weeks, sent me an email on Tuesday to meet with her on Friday. It was such a lively and beneficial meeting. This situation made me think about the power, which God has given us freely to influence positive things in our lives.


The godly power

To begin with, I want to talk briefly about the GODLY POWER. This is the power, which God has given us to do anything positive. With godly power, for example, we can choose to become rich, and it would happen. The godly power is for us to do any positive thing, while we are still on earth to make our living better. We must claim all things, which God has granted us through His power. 1 Corinthians 4:20 says, “The Kingdom of God is not in the word, but in the power [emphasis added].”

This is a highly contentious subject. I argue that we need to TRUST God for His power to change our lives. We all have the power to make things happen. 2nd Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind [emphasis added].” This scripture gives us the assurance that our power comes from God Himself. We know that God is all-powerful. Thus, any positive thing we do through Him would happen if He wills. We can claim this power through Christ Jesus who says, “All power is given unto me in heaven and on earth” (Matthew 28:18).  Therefore, we shall receive all things, which we ask through prayer as long as we believe (Matthew 21: 22). God avails His power to anyone who believes. Mark (9:23) says, “If you cannot believe, all things are possible to those who believe.” We often do not realize, how a single dot of doubt, makes us lose that which we could achieve by simply trusting God.

Our greatest challenge is that most people do not want to PRAY or worse to FAST about things. They secularized issues constantly. Yet, the instructions are plain and simple. Mark 9:29 says that prayer and fasting provides the condition necessary for us to receive the power to do anything positively. This means that ignoring the conditions, which God has granted us, would prevent us from receiving the godly power to change our earthly lives.

Although most people know about the availability of the godly power, they choose not to tap into it for various reasons such as FEAR. There is no need to be afraid in any situation. 2nd Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not granted us the spirit of fear…” I am not promoting recklessness.  There is a difference between fear and cautiousness. Fear connotes inability to do something about a situation because one is afraid of repercussions from either the known or unknown. Yet, cautiousness denotes the notion that one is aware of shortcomings, and is avoiding possible dangers surrounding a given situation. There is a very thin line between fear and cautiousness. It is very possible to glide from cautiousness into fear without knowing. Most people think that they are being very careful about a situation when they are actually afraid. It is neither helpful to harbour fear within the secret pockets of our private minds nor to let fear drive our decisions. Fear debilitates and blinds us to the truth and available possibilities. Most people would attain anything positive if it were not for fear among other things. Fear prevents us from venturing into the unknown grounds of possible opportunities.

Most of us tap into this godly power, but we are INCONSISTENT—today, we use it, the next we do not. This inconsistency keeps us perpetually into the same positions in life with some minor changes. Trusting in the godly power is something that one does daily in all situations—both good and bad. It must be a life style. We must sleep and wake up on it. It must learn to speak positively always. Let’s remove doubts! If we don’t, let’s learn addressing the situation immediately.

In conclusion, I argue firmly that we can create a better world for everyone if we believe in God, become courageous in life by venturing into the unknown positive possibilities, while taping into the freely God-given power, which is accessible to anyone through prayer, fasting, and scripture reading.


Disclaimer: I wish to say that my article does not mean that, the poor and those who have died poor, did not know or tap into the godly power because there are many situations, which prevent success.

@Chipo Muponisi,  August 2012




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