A Reply to Some Questions on Weight loss programme


I Promised you that I would respond to your questions and experiences, and here I am…

First, I am glad to know that at least 6 people have jumped with me. Out of which 4 persons reported some weight loss ranging from 1 to 2 inches. Yet, 2 persons say that they did not see any change at all. Yet, after inquiring more about their daily habits, I observed that their food and other issues might have interfered with their weight loss.

1. EXERCISE MORE THAN YOU EAT: After helping them to calculate their BMI, I found that 2 persons ate more calories than they burnt during exercises. It does not mean that you eat more when you are exercising. Otherwise, you could only maintain your weight or even gain some. To know how to calculate how much calories you need per day to lose weight, visit at least more than two websites to get an average rate of your consumption per day





2. COUNT CALORIES PER DAY: Once you know how much you are supposed to consume per day and for how long, you must know also how much is contained in your usual diet. Keep a list of your food items consumed from morning till evening. It helps calculating the total calories consumed per day. One week is enough for you to estimate how much calories you consume per day. Thus, you won’t have to calculate daily unless you are eating something for the first time. This would help you to eat healthy–not less or more. Some people recommend calories control for weight loss, I would recommend a combination of calories control and exercises. To know how much calories are contained in each food you eat visit:



NB: You can also have a food account at http://www.caloriecount.about.com which makes your calculation easy…


3. WHAT ARE YOU EATING: This is very important because I  learnt this over years of exercising. During your exercising period, mostly the first 3 months of your exercises,eat the following food in moderation:

  • Animal fats because they solidify your body fats and makes it hard to burn them, and add more to already existing fats. What I do is that I remove fats from my white meat (I eat only white meat in my case). If you want really to eat fats, replace them with at least 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil like sunflower per day.
  • Do not consume too much salt. Stick to at least 1 teaspoon per day from all foods. That is why; it is vital to cook your own food because you have control of the amount of salt you put in your food. Don’t eat tinned food or smoked foods sold in supermarkets. In Africa, you can eat smoked food from local marketeers because most of them do not use sodium elements for preservation, which interferes with weight loss.
  • Avoid milk at least during the first 1-2 months. If you recall, I did not talk about milk during the first month. The only time I began drinking milk was in the second month when I changed from drinking green tea to tea masala because it requires a lot of milk to taste great. Even then, I did not drink tea masala daily but twice per week or nothing per week. Tea masala requires 1 cup or 2 cups of milk per day. It was a tea meant to break the monotone of green tea. Yet, after exercises you can resume with tea masala and milk consumption.
  • Don’t chew bones  or eat animal skin if you live in a town or country, where chickens or cows are not reared on grass or cereals. It is argued that most chemicals collect in the bone tissue and skin. I don’t know how this chemicals in the bone tissue interferes with weight loss, but chemicals in the skin increase the rate of fats.

NB: I am sorry for using the verb do not because you have the choice to make your own decision. Yet, I use the verb do not because I want to show how serious the above issues are and how deep they interfere with weight loss.


4. A MUST FOOD: I want to say that some types of food are a must during weight loss programmes. These include the following:

  • EAT FOOD RICH IN FIBRE: Make sure that you eat enough fibre during breakfast and lunch because you need this food to sweep your system, which makes it possible for effective metabolism. Remember that everything should be done in moderation. Remember that the fruit juice drank in the morning before exercises does not have fibre in it because the food processor turns fruits to purée or squeezes juice from fruits. That is why; your breakfast and lunch requires enough fibre. Some people have a condition, which prevents them from consuming enough fibre. Find out from your doctor how much you can consume per day, and which types. In my situation, I make my bread during the exercise period unless otherwise. I use bread wheat flour with enough bran. I avoid adding fats, sugar or vegetable oil to the bread. I let the yeast rise, I kneed the dough for 10 minutes, I let it rise for 15 minutes, and then knead it again for at least 3 minutes and let it rise again until double its size. This softens the bread without using fats. I use sorghum or millet flour to make my lunch at least 3-4 times in a week. I alternative with sweet potatoes, brown rice, squash, spaghetti, macaroni, Irish potatoes, etc.
  • DRINK LEMON WATER: Remember to add lemon juice to your drinking water or green tea. Plain water is not helpful during weight loss programme. Be aware also that lemon water increases your appetite. To avoid eating excessively, drink sugar-free green tea in the afternoon after lunch to make you feel full. Drink enough water per day in relation to the amount of excesses you do. If you drink too much water and do less activities, you are likely to get into a condition loosely called water retention. Note that water retention is caused by several issues such as swelling muscles etc. As much as water is great, it is not useful if you are not active.
  • SET THE TIME LIMIT FOR EATING: Your body is never active throughout the day. It is slower as you get late in the night. This means that you cannot eat mostly at night. Make sure that you set a time limit for eating. For example, in my situation, I do not eat after 22:00 hours unless otherwise. If I feel hungry, I can nub at a fruit or vegetable salad. I make sure that I am not eating fruit or any food rich calories. For example, an average South African apple has about 97 calories. Eating late at night keeps you energetic and you fail to sleep immediately.
  • TRAIN YOUR MIND WHAT TO THINK ABOUT: When you are exercising, it is very important that you are in control of your thoughts. If you let your thoughts make you jog after them, you risk gaining weight. We exist in a world, where things do not always happen in our favour. It is important that when somethings terrible happens, you digest and dissect it to fully comprehend where you are in the problem, and to find a solution to the situation. If you do not deal with issues, they would return to you especially when your mind is less busy. This happens usually when you are about to sleep because your mind is free from activities. It will make you want to eat late in the night. If you cannot deal with the issue in one single day, train your mind to put issues on shelves for you to be able to return to the issue later when you have time. This requires you to live positively. This is a huge subject, which we cannot discuss in one single article. I taught myself to deal with issues immediately through prayer and meditation, and with external help. I learnt also to put my issues on my brain shelf. I make an appointment with myself to return to the issue for dissecting and solution finding. Do not meditate on ugly issues before bedtime, they would raise their ugly heads in your sleep, and you won’t have enough sleep. Lack of insufficient sleep is bad for weight loss. You might not actually lose weight  with insomnia. Learn to sleep on time. Spend at least 7-8 hours in your sleep. It is often not possible, but at least 6-7 hours each night. If you can, try as much as possible to spend enough time.
  • EAT FRUIT & VEGETABLES: When you are exercising, and you are using fruits and vegetables to make an exercising juice, do not any other fruit or vegetables in the day. Fruits are great, but too much of them are not good. For example, an average orange has about 65 calories. Already you have used between 3-5 fruits for he exercising juice. When calculating your calories intake per day, you have to include this. On  an ordinary day, 1 or 2 oranges are enough. For vegetables, the body can only take enough per day. It would be a waste to consume vegetables through a drink and through other meals.
  • STAY HAPPY ALL THE TIME: It is possible to stay happy the entire day. It is a huge secret to weight loss. When you are happy, you are likely to exercise enough and happily, which increases metabolism. Let to recall that problems find people, not shadows. If it finds you, deal with it on time.
  • Eat enough legumes, and other food types to balance your intake, but less carbohydrates. Although bread tastes great, it is not good unless it is whole bread. Yet, too much proteins are not good although they help build the muscle required squeeze fats from the body. Everything should be in moderation.


I am drowsy with sleep…Let’s discuss…I have not at all edited anything in this post…Good night…cheers


The following is what I ate today. If you want, you can use it to calculate my calories intake per day:



3 slices of homemade bread from brown-wheat-bran flour

1 teaspoon of butter

1 mug (300ml) of rooibos tea

no sugar nor honey



I eat sorghum pap for lunch/dinner. 1 portion of sorghum pap cooked from 5 and a half tablespoons

@ chipo muponis

Sorghum pap


This pap is prepared from 5 and half tablespoons of sorghum flour in 1 mug cup of water (300ml). It is so feeling and lasts a long time. You need to eat it during the day unless otherwise.

@chipo muponisi

5 and a half tablespoons for sorghum pap make half the cup above



There are 17 cups of 5 and a half tablespoons in a 2 kg packet of sorghum flour. I have 17 days of  sorghum pap out of 30 or 31 days in a month. The rest of the days, I eat other things like brown/white rice, spaghetti, macaroni, sweet potatoes, squash, butternut, Irish potatoes, etc. This shows that I don’t eat always whole grain food, but the larger part of the month I do. Below is a place of white rice, chicken marinated in honey and peach chutney and fried in hot vegetable oil on a bed of rice and green vegetables.


@chipo muponisi

Chicken marinated in honey & peach chutney and fried on a bed of rice and green vegetables


Sorghum is high in fibre, see the picture below:


@chipo muponisi

High fibre in sorghum, you cannot go wrong, I learnt to eat it, and I am happy with it



Carrot soup: I eat the sorghum pap with the carrot soup made from 1 and a half medium size carrots, half medium onion, 1 medium tomato, 1 large hot pepper, 1 green pepper, and 1 tablespoon of sunflower oil. This is very tasty…


@chipo muponisi

Carrot soup



I used the following sizes of tomato and onion

@chipo muponisi

tomato and onion in carrot soup


3 small portions of smoked turkey, the picture is not clear enough…

@chipo muponisi

smoked turkey




Supper ( I do not treat myself to hot chocolate often, but only  on certain days)

1 mug of hot chocolate (300ml)

@chipo muponisi


I use 1 tablespoon of hot chocolate to make my beverage


@chipo muponisi

1 tablespoon-hot chocolate


I used a quarter of fat free milk to make a hot chocolate (I find that fat free works better than both whole milk or 2% fat milk despite the ongoing debates about fat free milk)


@chipo muponisi

Fat free milk a debatable product


A slice of cheese equivalent to a tablespoon on 1 slice of whole bread

@chipo muponisi

cheese on homemade bread

@chipo muponisi

My favourite cheese


I ate an medium apple

@chipo muponisi

a medium SA grown apple wash down my evening



Exercises: I walked for 10 minutes going to the supermarket, and walked around inside the supermarket for about 30 minutes











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