SNOW in JOZI AUG.7, 2012


Is there a difference between USA and South Africa?


Not only does it snow there, but it does here too…

Yesterday, we woke up in Johannesburg to a happy tune of snow flakes, which progressed into visible snow. We were excited. I shot a video to keep this day a special one. Trust me! It snows in many parts of South Africa such as Eastern cape, Capetown, etc. Yet, it rarely snows in Johannesburg, a city preferably called Msanzi/JOZI. So, for those living in the Eastern cape for example, they might laugh at the drops of snow in Msanzi, but we are still happy to receive some.


Click the  link (snow in Jozi) below:



This link (snow in Jozi) above would take you to MediaFire, where you would download a file called SNOW IN JOZI…


I Hope that you would enjoy it…


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post


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