Day 65 (From May 27 to July 31): A RETURN FROM A WEIGHT LOSS BREAK



I would like to welcome you and me from our 2 weeks break, which we took from the weight loss program on July 31, 2012. We took this break mainly to allow our bodies to relax, our muscles to mend, and to get ready for the last phase of our exercises. I am sure that you took time to reflect about what worked for you, and what did not in the earlier phases (from May 29  to July 31, 2012). This week, we would discuss the way forward. Yet, let’s start with the basics: take your first weight at the start of the weight loss programme. I have always argued that it is important to know whether you are losing or gaining weight. You can know by calculating your current weight against your previous weight.

GENERAL OVERVIEW: I lost weight during my short break

What did you see about your weight? As for me, I seem to have lost some tiny weight during the break. The beauty is that I did not gain weight elsewhere apart from my boob area. It is actually the effect of menstruation. In the actual fact, I gained no weight at all.

1. I lost about 1.16from my waist around the black spot. My weight on July 31, 2012–the day I left for a break–was 28 inches. Yet, this morning my average weight around this area was 26.8 inches, which came from adding 26, 27 and 27.5 inches.

waist on black spot


2. I lost nothing around my waist above the navel. This morning my average weight was 28 inches from adding 26.5, 28.5  and 29 inches. The weight above my navel on July 31 was 28 inches. I did not lose weight around my navel because the weekend food blew my navel a bit bigger, and the effect of menstration.


3. I lost 1.5 around my waist on the abdominal area. This morning, my weight was 30 and 31 inches at least from 2 spots on the abdominal area. My weight on July 31, 2012 was 31 and 31.5 inches.

4. I lost 0.25 around my hips. This morning I was 37.75 inches on average from adding 37.5 and 38 inches. On July 31, 2012, I was 38 inches.


5. I lost no weight on my butt. It was 39 inches this morning and it was 39 inches on July 31, 2012.  This is a tough area, and I am glad when it does not expand outward.

6. I lost 0.25 inches around my knees. This morning I was 14.75 inches on average from adding 14.5 and 15 inches. On July 31, 2012 I was 15 inches.


7. I gained 0.25 inches around my breast. This morning I was 35.25 inches on average from adding 35 and 35.5 inches. As I said, the gain is because of the menstruation, but not fat.



I did 1, 200 jumps in 18 minutes from 08:30 to 08:48 hours. I drank 1 litre of plain warm water. I did not organize oranges. This 3rd phase, I would use a combination of oranges and lemons for weight loss control. I hope that you have also decided which fruit you would use during your weight loss program. I enjoyed jumping. I am looking forward to more jumping.I did 200 counts per session. I would continue doing 200 counts per session. My average would be 1000 counts per day, and 5000 counts per week.

All the best, and lets discuss more about your experiences during the break!


@ CHIPO MUPONISI, unedited post.


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