(A) An Important Note about Mushroom-Chicken Relish

The mushroom-chicken relish is one of my favourites. It goes with almost anything–rice, potatoes, Nshima, bread, and so on. I made mushroom-chicken relish last Thursday–August 09, 2012. It was so delicious. I ate it  until Sunday–August 12, 2012. It had been such a long time, since I ate it. I have been perfecting it over the years. Now, I know that the secret lies in having the exact amount of cooked Mushroom and cooked chicken. If you use more mushroom than chicken, it will taste more of mushroom. Thus, it won’t be called mushroom-chicken relish. Likewise, if you use more of chicken, it will taste more of a chicken, and it won’t be called mushroom-chicken relish. To balance the taste such that you get a mushroom-chicken taste in a single bite, you need to balance these two major ingredients.

1. Ingredients:

@Chipo Muponisi

Ingredients: 150 gram mushroom, 150 gram chicken, 1 onion, 1 tomato, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of oil.


2. Wash all ingredients and chop them.

3. Heat 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil in a sauce pan

@Chipo Muponisi

1 tablespoon of oil in a sauce pan


4. Add marinated breast chicken (remember you had marinated for 2 hours the chicken in 1/4 teaspoon  black pepper, 1/4 teaspoon of turmeric, 1 teaspoon ginger, 1/4 teaspoon garlic and 1 small hot pepper)

@Chipo Muponisi

marinated chicken


5. Fry marinated chicken in the heated oil until it is almost tender for at least 5 minutes

@Chipo Muponisi

Fry marinated chicken at least for 5 minutes


6. Add chunky chopped onions to the fried chicken


@Chipo Muponisi

Use fresh onion



7. Fry the chicken and onion at least for 2 minutes (or until it looks golden brownish) to bring out the flavour

@Chipo Muponisi

Fried chicken & Onion


8. Add chopped mushrooms to the fried chicken and fry for about 3 minutes. Yet, make sure that the mushroom is chopped to the same size as the chicken cubes. If the mushrooms are too big, it interferes with the taste. The button mushroom do not dissolve much if they are well prepared.

@Chipo Muponisi

chopped mushrooms added to the fried chicken


9. Add 1 teaspoon of salt (Optional)

@Chipo Muponisi

1 teaspoon of salt


10. Blend 1 large tomato into a smooth purée. Add 1 tablespoon of mushroom soup to the tomato purée. Or, use 1 tablespoon of brown bread flour to the tomato purée. The purpose is to help thicken the soup.

@Chipo Muponisi

mushroom soup


11. Mix the tomato purée and mushroom soup well

@Chipo Muponisi

Mixed tomato purée and mushroom soup



12. Add the mixture (tomato purée and mushroom soup) to the fried chicken and mushroom, and simmer for about 3 minutes (optional), steering occasionally, but avoid turning mushrooms into a paste. NB: This is not a mushroom sauce, which uses cream to make the sauce. It is a relish. You are making a non-creamy soup. It loses it meaning if you add cream to the mushrooms. Also, do not add any water to the fried chicken and mushroom because the mushroom has enough water from the washing, and from the tomato.

@Chipo Muponisi

Add tomato mixture to the fried chicken and mushroom


13.  The Mushroom-Chicken Relish is done…it tastes and smells great…


@Chipo Muponisi

Mushroom-Chicken Relish



(B) What to do with the left overs
1. I kept most of the mushroom-chicken relish in the fridge and ate according to my wish daily

2. Yet, on Sunday, I plunged a bit more into the mushroom-chicken relish. I used left overs to make a mini lasagna from potato-mushroom-chicken. When I say a mini lasagna, I mean it because I am on a weight loss programme. Thus, I do not have to indulge into a river of cheese.  The following is what I did:

I) Peel 1/2 irish potatoes, and boil them (use fresh potatoes). NB: the butternut is not part of the recipe…

Irish potato



II) Add white pepper (just a little) and cheese to boiled irish potatoes

Add little white pepper & cheese to boiled potato


III) Add left over mushroom-chicken relish to the irish potato and cheese mixture

left over mushroom-chicken relish


IV) Mix all ingredients well, making sure that there is enough soup from the mushroom-chicken relish. The tastiness depends mostly on the moisturisation of this mixture from the soup. If it is dry, it tastes horrible.

mix all ingredients together


V) Add  a bit more cheese (1 tablespoon), and grill this mixture until it shows a brownish crust on top. Make sure that the moisture is still available, that it is not dry!

Add another tablespoon of cheese


VI) I assume that you have already roasted 1 chicken wing. Remember that there are about 100 calories in a medium wing. Thus, drain out the animal fat from the chicken wing after roasting it. It still tastes good.


VII) This is how your left over looks like now. Enjoy it!


A mini Lasagna made from irish potato & mushroom-chicken relish.


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post



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