Kindly note that I did not have time to edit this post…if there is anything strange, please tell me…I want to take this opportunity also to thank all , who have followed this blog, especially those who have contributed to the discussions. I am sure that we have all contributed positively to each other. Stay with me until the end of phase 3…


A) Today: Still Going Strong…

I am glad that today I did 1, 200 jumps in 17 minutes from 10:09 to 10: 26 hours. I had a very busy day. I worked long hours. I have just retired now—00:05 Am—since morning. I am glad that I was able to set time apart for jumping despite having a busy schedule. I drank a litre of warm water before jumping because I was busy to go out and look for oranges and lemons. I drank 600ml of green tea, and 2 mugs of chocolate drink. I ate within the range of my calories.



In this brief section, I list some of my findings from reading emails written by some of the people, who follow my weight loss programme.

  1. Drinking Vitamin C: I kept wondering why one of my clients failed to lose weight and gained weight during the break despite having exercised enough. Yet, when I went through her list of activities per day, I found that she had been drinking Vitamin C for almost a month instead of using fruit juice from fresh fruit. When I asked her, I found that she misunderstood me when I said that if you do not have oranges or other fruits you can use ascorbic acids. Yes, I use buffered ascorbic acids once in a while when I do not have oranges. Yet, I cannot do it for more than 2 days. This is because ascorbic acids have chemicals added to make the absorption of vitamin c in large quantities possible. A body can only consume so much vitamin c per day. In one teaspoon of buffered ascorbic acids, there are about 5 oranges. To absorb these oranges, the pharmacists add chemicals to make it possible. Now, it is argued that some of these chemicals interfere with weight loss programmes (Try researching on this online). That is why; I have always encouraged you to use fresh fruits because there are no chemicals involved and they work perfectly well to detox the body. If you used buffered ascorbic acids, let it not be for a longer period, just for 2-3 days because drinking plain water is not helpful as well.
  2. Drank Milk Daily: I found also that she drank milk about a quarter or half a litre every day. I remember writing on July 31, 2012 that it is not feasible to drink milk, least of all, too much milk during exercises. It interferes with weight loss (Try researching online).
  3. Eating more than exercising: I found also that she ate more than she exercised. After I calculated her BMI, and checked the food she ate during the first week of our short break. According to her body mass, she is supposed to eat about 1, 577 calories per day if she is to lose weight by March 2013. Yet, she eats on average about 1, 950 daily and jumps around 200 counts Monday to Friday. This is less. She needs to eat around 1, 600 and jump around 500.
  4. Hyper socialization: I found that some bloggers engaged into hyper social activities during our short break, which is great. Yet, I argue plausibly that going out 4 times a week, at night, might be too much. A body requires enough rest. Thus, going out and returning in the wee hours of the morning might contribute to muscle swelling, which interferes with weight loss. Swollen muscles do not squeeze enough fats and water off the body despite one dancing whole night. It seems that you need to re-strategise. If you decide going out daily, you must make a plan of returning home on time so that you can have enough sleep. Remember that enough sleep is core to weight loss.
  5. Taking care of oneself: I am glad that most of you took time to care about yourselves. It was very interesting to read about some of you having body massage, taking bubble baths, waxing bodies, having pedicure and manicure. I hope that you continue, where possible with these activities. It is important to relax the body as often as possible. Most people wait to have a bubble bath when something terrible happens. Yet, this is something that can be done daily for a varying degree of time (ranging from 10 minutes to 1 hour). Waxing is something that can be done once in two weeks depending on the need. Body massage can be done at least once per month during me-time. While pedicure and manicure are a matter of choice.
  6. Eating Uncontrollably: Some mentioned how hard it was for you to control your appetite during our short break. It is important to find out the real reasons you failed to control your appetite. Find out if it was because during the weight loss exercises you were not able to eat too much? Or, is it because you love food traditionally? Or, is it because you think about something overpowering, and then turn to food as a solution? If you cannot unpack the real reasons you eat food uncontrollably, I recommend that you see someone for help. Otherwise, there are natural solutions to food cravings. Remember the slimmers’ tea I taught you how to make! It increases energy and makes you feel full for long hours.



Generally, I am happy that we all enjoyed our short break. I am also glad to report that 2 people have joined the group. We are now 9 full members. Keep your records, and track body changes at least once in 2 weeks. Those of you, who have seen remarkable changes, please it would help others if you shared your results publicly. Otherwise, I promise to continue keeping your identities privately. Take care and stay blessed as we venture into the 3rd phase.


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited post



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