I want to start be re-echoing my earlier statement that you must always enjoy your weight loss programme. It is a must if you want to lose weight. This means that you must enjoy almost everything about your weight loss programme. It means that you must enjoy all major components of your weight loss programme. In my situation, these include body stretching, warming ups, and jumping exercises. Enjoy them all! It means also that you must enjoy what you eat, watch, hear, and feel daily, mostly before bedtime. It is very important that your body relaxes before bedtime, which helps to lose weight.

Enjoy what you eat!

I want to talk about the eating issue. I observed that some people are still struggling, big-time, with over eating. When I talk about over eating, I am not recommending that you stop eating. Not at all! I am recommending that you take control of your food situation. The food must not control you always. It means that you must enjoy what you, but do it moderately. It is important to question the reasons one would put food on a plate, which is meant for four people, when one is eating for one person only.

Therefore, it might be helpful to always try resisting temptations, which allow you to eat for more than one person in one sitting. For example,

  • If eating from a buffet is problematic, I recommend that you re-evaluate your choices.
  • If preparing food to eat for 5 days makes you eat it all in a single day, I recommend that you make a different plan. It might help to prepare only enough for a day.
  • If eating from a restaurant makes it difficult for you to eat nutritious food, it might help to find a restaurant, which specialises in nutritious meals. It might mean paying a little bit more.
  • If eating sweet food makes you happy, I recommend that you learn about how much calories are in each sweet thing you eat, and try to split that sweet food into smaller portions so that you eat only enough for a day.
  • If eating oily food makes you happy, I recommend that you replace animal fats with vegetable fats, but in recommended dosages per day. This means that you can continue eating your fried meat, but with minimum fats, which are sufficient for your body per day.

Enjoy what you watch!

I want to talk also about the movie issue. There is a strong psychological link between movies and weight loss programme. Movies affect even those of us, who have done television production. It is very important that you feed your eyes and mind with things you love very much before sleeping. A happy mind is very important for body rest and weight loss. If for some reason you are not happy, you are likely to sleep less unless you take some sleeping pills. Restlessness is never user friendly in weight loss programmes. It contributes to over eating, to water retention, etc.

It might be helpful to engage into pre-bedtime activities, which help relax your mind to induce sound sleeping. For example,

  • If watching a horror movie scares you, it is possible to sleep less if you watch a scary movie before bedtime. I recommend that you watch horrors long hours before bedtime, perhaps, during the weekend in the afternoon or morning.
  • If watching movies about gender-based violence upsets you, it might not be a great idea to watch them before bedtime. I recommend that you watch them earlier in the day. It might be helpful to watch them with a friend, since such movies require often talking about them, to deal with emotions stirred up in the process.
  • It might help to watch movies, which you love. Probably, a romantic movie might be ideal if it does not trigger sad memories for you. It might help create a fantasy situation in your subconscious, which is cardinal to a restful night.

Enjoy what you listen to

I want to talk also about the music issue. There is a strong link between music and weight loss. It is very important to listen to music, which you enjoy because it impacts positively on your weight loss. I am talking about listening to music during exercises, when cooking or before bedtime.

Therefore, it might be helpful to be selective of the type of music and times to play it. For example,

  • If listening to a certain type of music makes you feel sad, it might help to avoid such music mostly before bed time because you might not sleep enough or well.
  • If you live in an environment, which is very noisy, it might help to play music loud enough to swallow the noise from the outside.
  • If you love dancing, it might be helpful to play danceable music so that you might shake off so calories, while entertaining yourself and friends.
  • It is important to identify and play music that makes you relax or even sleep easily so that you can play such music before bedtime if you are not into movies.



Watch out also for:

  • If feeling exhausted prevents you from relaxing, it might help if you took a bath and drank a cup of warm water or a hot cup of chocolate before bed time.
  • If you like socialising, it might be helpful to choose the people that you want to spend time with, mostly before bedtime. Remember that it matters most how you feel before bedtime during the weight loss programme.
  • In the same vein, if you are living with a person, who disturbs your peaceful during the day or at night, it might help resolving issues with such a person. Yet, it might be more effective to rethink living with such a person. There are many options such as seeking outside help, or making a decision that benefits you in the end.


There are many things you can do to make your night peaceful and quiet, which contribute greatly to a successful weight loss programme. The weight loss programme is beautiful because it is not just about losing weight, but it benefits us also in many ways. As you strive to lose weight, you are encouraged to identify and correct areas in your life, which have been problematic perhaps for a long time. This is what makes weight loss programmes special.



I was extremely happy early this afternoon that I jumped 1, 300 in about 20 minutes from 12:26 to 12:46 hours. This was within my very busy school schedule. I used a system of jumping, which alternates between 200 and 100 counts per jumping session. It made me sweat enough for the day. I did not have time to buy oranges and lemons to make my slimmer’s juice. Yet, I used 1.2 litres of very warm water, first thing as usual in the morning. I enjoyed also 600ml of concentrate green tea in the afternoon. I am about to drink my hot chocolate, which is 300ml before bedtime to relax after working long hours. I balanced my appetite with easy, which means that I ate within my daily calorie intake. This morning, I enjoyed 5 tablespoons of oats in hot water with little salt. This afternoon, I enjoyed half a roasted chicken breast, with large cubs of 1 onion and 1 tomatoes semi fried in 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil, and placed on a bed of 2 leafs of lettuce and 2 slices of brown bread. This evening, I enjoy 2 pan cakes made from 2 tablespoons of brown bread flour and 1 egg. Generally, I had a great day.

NB: If you have notice, I have not been talking about body stretches because I have not yet began stretching my body before exercises. I am only warming up my body before jumping. I plan to begin stretching my body before jumping next week because I am very busy this week. Yet, this has not prevented me from setting a few minutes daily for jumping exercises. This is what I love about life: our ability to juggle among activities with easy.

My Plans:

I hope to encourage one of my followers to replace me on the blog so that you can see how she is jumping and how she would lose weight in the long run. She just began jumping 2 weeks ago and she has not been consistent. Thus, it might be easy to see her lose weight. I intend talking to her this Friday or next Monday. I am not sure if she would have time to exercise daily. If she does not, it means that you are still with me until I reach my target weight.

I hope that you also had a great day…

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post.


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