Hearts function like car engines

We need to understand that our hearts are like car engines. This is simply a metaphorical expression to explain how a heart functions during our jumping exercises. For instance, if we park our cars in our garages, since we are not using them for some reason, we need still to run our car engines at least once in 2 weeks for 30 minutes. We need also to service our engines, after some time, using fuel, oil, etc. This might prevent knocking our engines—like destroying our engines.

Well, our hearts function in similar ways. We must run our hearts through exercises—like jumping—at least for 30 minutes, five days in a week. If 30 minutes is much, we must do it at least for 15 minutes. This might prevent having knocked hearts. A knocked heart is one, which stops to function because of heart failure or other related issues.

Besides, we need to service our hearts just like we service our car engines. Yet, unlike a car engine, our hearts require daily and frequent servicing with water and relevant food, in addition to exercises. A heart is a ball of flesh, muscles, arteries, veins, blood, etc. It requires enough relevant proteins, minerals, water, rest, etc.

We need also to flash this heart daily. How do we do this? We need to drink warm water or fresh fruit juice daily, at least 5 days in a week, very early in the morning before we eat anything. We must wait for at least 1 hour or more before eating anything. The idea is to cleanse the system. Thus, drink 500mls or 1 litre of water or juice at once, each morning before eating anything, immediately you work up. You would go to the toilet at least within 30 to 45 minutes after drinking the water. The body has a way of getting rid of excess fluids and toxins. Yet, if you exercise, you would help it to quickly get rid of excess fluids/toxins. In the process, it would cleanse your system. There are many benefits related to maintaining our hearts.  If we flash our systems, we might reduce possibilities of infections.

One of the best ways to ignite our hearts is to do 50 jumps with or without a rope after every 3 hours. Your heart would be very powerful and alert. It might surpass artificial medications for weight loss. Try it and you would see the results!


Live positively…

Yet, the best way to maintain a heart is to avoid worrying, especially over small issues. Most people have developed a way of socialising through discussing disturbing news, worries, anxieties and fears. The talk shows are master minders of such things. As much as it is important for people to hear such information, it is also important that they strike a balance between such things and their own sanity and health. Yes, a body requires challenges but not consistently, alarming and often without possible solutions. Unfortunately, some media have become the world’s number one, based on such unhealthy creations, which glue millions of people in front of televisions daily. I hope that this young generation might have the chance to construct a different media world, which is based on positive ways of dealing with calamities. It is unfortunate to adopt media anxieties in one’s real life situation. If such a person has children or is responsible for other people’s children, well it might mean that such a person is raising a generation of anxious people. It might be helpful to be careful with whom you entrust your children or siblings with. In any case, there is no need to worry unless the situation really demands so. For example, this evening I wanted to make thin bread, but then, I realised that I did not have a tiny baking tin. I did not want to send the security in the evening, rushing to the supermarket to look for a tin. Thus, I decided to be a little creative. Thus, I placed the bread dough in between two cooking sticks on a large baking tray. Voila! I had my beautiful bread, better than I imagine it (See pictures below). It is not really a great situation to invest one’s energy into worries.


@chipo muponisi

thin bread between 2 wooden spoons


@chipo muponisi

Voila! Delicious and thinly beautiful


@chipo muponisi

A smiling bread




This morning, as usual, immediately after my prayers and meditation I did 1, 500 jumps in 24 minutes from 08:15 to 08:38 hours. As usual, I took a mini-bubble bath about 20 minutes before breakfast and setting to work on my thesis. Then, I did 100 jumps in the afternoon to reignite my heart, 2 hours after meals. I drank 2.2 litres of fluids—1 litre of warm water first thing in the morning, 900mls green tea in the afternoon, and 300mls chocolate in the evening. I ate all my vital meals—5 tablespoons oats with 1 leveled tablespoon of brown sugar in the morning; 5 tablespoons of white rice, left over ½ chicken breast, 3 fresh lettuce leafs, 1 red apple in the afternoon; and 2 slices of homemade brown bread spread with ¼ teaspoon of butter, a mug of hot chocolate in the evening. It feels great. I am resting briefly right now before I continue with my evening school work on my thesis. I am very glad and thankful to God that I managed to jump despite having a tight schedule this week.


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited post



  1. This IS a good heart rate boost. One way, depending on the person that motivate to get this task done is to compete with ones-self. No need for explanation but how many the first time, try for more the next and so on. I like it. I’m in!

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