Day 69: Using A Food Basket in Weight Loss Programme


I cannot believe it…I typed an article…immediately I clicked publish, someone hacked it right under my nose. I have to redo the article because I typed it directly into word press, and lost it without backup…I am not bothered about you because you taught me to keep back ups…


A food basket cutting food cravings

A food basket works to control food cravings. Many, many years ago, someone taught me about how to use a food basket to control food cravings. I was slender as a child then. I did not see the necessity for the food basket. I found it a little childish although I was a kid. Later, I tried using the food basket. What I learnt about myself, through a food basket, surprised me.

You must place a food basket in the centre of your kitchen.  If you have a table in the centre of your kitchen, place a food basket right at the centre of your table. Make sure that you are able to see and reach this basket with ease. You must tell yourself aloud, while placing a food basket in the centre of your Kitchen that this particular basket is for you each time you want to eat food, which you do not need to eat. The purpose of this given food basket, is for you to thrown in any food which you want to eat for the sake of eating,  not necessarily because you are hungry, or you have to eat.

At first, I found it hard to throw the food into that basket when the food was already in my hands and I was about to land in my mouth. Yet, with time, I began to throw the food into that particular basket. later in the evenings, shortly before bed time, I would collect my food basket. The amount of  food, which I would eventually throw into that particular food basket by the end of the day, surprised me. This taught me something I did not know about myself before the food basket in my life. At that time, I did not know that I ate too much, especially that I was slender. Later, I began to feel guilty about wanting to eat the food when I did not need to eat it.  With time, I stopped using the basket, but I was in control of my appetite.

About eight years ago, I met a woman, who did something like I did many years ago. The only difference is that she did not use a food basket. Instead, she used an amethyst stone, which she wore around her neck. She told me that she rubbed the amethyst stone between her fingers each time she wanted to over eat. She did this to remind herself to avoid over eating.

There are many ways to curb food cravings such as my food basket or the amethyst stone. These are symbolic measures. Use a system that works perfect for you! A permanent solution is best. Yet, a food basket or amethyst stone functions to mitigate your food cravings,  while you are undergoing a permanent solution.

I hope that this short story helps you rethink how you deal with your food cravings!



I was very busy from morning until late afternoon. As a result, I did not do my jumping exercising. I needed to finish something very important. Yet, despite my busy schedule, I managed to drink my fluids and ate the necessary food required for my well-being and weight loss    programme.

I hope to see you next week. Take care and stay blessed…


@Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post


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