Art in paintings


The Zebra Painting

I went visiting blogs. I found an interesting blog about a wonderful art work on Zebra ( It made me think how different talents exist in diverse areas  and how isolated we are from each other. I looked at this Zebra work. It is a marvelous piece of work. I imagined doing that zebra art in tie-dye, using a needle and dye on a fabric.I wish I had enough time. If you want to see a sample of how I play with dyes and fabrics to create art, CLICK below:

By the way, did you know that in 2010 I painted some  fabrics, which were used to make some of the attires that Jenifer Hudson wore in her movie on Winnie Mandela? I have not yet watched the movie. Thus, I do not know how many of those fabrics appeared in the final cut. My role was simply tie dying some fabrics. Then, a man designed them into outfits. It was great working with that man. He is talented also. He designed also the outfit for the movie black diamonds. It was a crazy moment, but it was great for me to leave my professional/academic life and live a simple life of dyes, threads and fabrics. That was really a wonderful time in my life.

————————————————–I love art—————————————————————





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