DAY 70: Too Much Vegetables in Weight Loss!!!


Too much vegetables

Most people think that eating too much vegetables is a great way to lose weight. I argue conversely as follows:

  1. It is a waste to eat more than your body requires. The body can only use so much food per day. The rest comes out as waste material. There is no point in eating more than your body requires. It is a waste of resources such as time, energy, and money.
  2. A tummy might bulge as a result of eating too much for a very long time. The intestines are likely to grow big and belly skin might lose its elasticity and droops. This might make it difficult to attain a flat tummy even after a series of belly exercises. Can you imagine one eating a medium cabbage per day!
  3. Some vegetables have a very high rate of calories. One is likely to gain a lot of weight simply by eating much of those vegetables. Kidney beans, for example, is rich in calories. A cup is about 210-220 calories.  Potatoes, mostly those in their jackets, have high calories. By the way, most people do not want to eat plain vegetables. I agree with them because some vegetables taste horrible. As a result, some people prefer eating fried vegetables to raw ones.Yet,  vegetable oil (mostly the processed oil) has high calories, which makes it close to animal fats. On average, vegetable oil might be 120-124 calories per tablespoon. Therefore, eating too much fried vegetables might not be a wise solution. Some people like eating a mixture of vegetables, nuts, fruits and/or honey. This taste great in most situations. Yet, fruit like avocado pears, dates, peaches and so on, contain high calories. Honey, although it is highly nutritious than processed cane sugar, it has more calories than cane sugar. A tablespoon of honey has about 44 calories, while a tablespoon of processed cane sugar has about 32 calories.

In view of the above, I recommend eating only what is necessary per day. I enjoy my food. For instance, today, I ate fried vegetables and what I call rolled fried chicken. I ate only enough calories for my body.


This morning, I did 1, 300 jumps in 26 minutes from 11:10 to 11:26 hours. This week, I began doing body stretches. I stretched my body for about 15 minutes from 10:54 to 11:09 hours. I drank my fluids (2.2 litres), especially green tea. I ate properly–my break fast, lunch and supper. I enjoyed my lunch and supper. I ate yesterday’s left overs–rolled fried chicken and vegetables.

Future Plans:

I have not yet spoken to my friend so that she can post her daily exercises to show her weight loss. I have not seen her, since last Tuesday. I hope she agrees.

@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited Post.


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