NB: I promised that I would respond to all emails asking me questions about weight loss on Sunday. I did not find any questions, but only positive comments. Thank you for your comments.


Something crossed my mind this morning during my bath. I take time often to relax in my bath. I do not wait for stress to accumulate for me to relax. I believe strongly in using every opportunity daily to relax my body, mind, and soul within my busy life schedules. Thus, the thought was very vivid. It re-echoed: do it for yourself! I wondered what the message was all about. It became very clear as I relaxed in my warm bath. I have to share it with you. It is my message to you about do it for yourself. If you are likely to succeed in your weight loss programme, I recommend that you do it for yourself. It means not losing weight to impress others, but to help yourself whichever way you want. The hiccup in impressing others include a huge chance that you would not manage impressing them always. This might affect your continuity with your weight loss programme. Yet, if you do it for yourself, you are likely to stick in even when the going is rocky. It might pay exercising to impress loved ones because of their validation. Although external validation is great, it is not priority in weight loss. Validation is there only to confirm that we are losing weight because onlookers would be able to notice changes within our bodies and moods related to weight loss. Otherwise, we must ground ourselves into doing it for us.

The only time you can do exercises for others might be when you are trying to set an example for your young children, siblings or any other young people in your custody. Otherwise, do it for yourself.

Since this is my last week exercising with you, I urge you to continue exercising on your own. Remember always that you are doing it for yourself, but neither for me nor anyone else. Simply You! You! You!



Today: Make exercises your life style

This morning I did 1, 200 jumps in 17 minutes from 10:20 to 10:37 hours. I love the fact that I still manage to jump even when I do not feel like jumping. I guess that this is important because it is likely to keep me jumping for a very long time. I have decided that although I am going to stop documenting my progress online, I would still continue jumping between 1000 counts daily (Mon-Fri). I love how exercising has really rekindled me in many ways. I missed exercising. 3 months ago, I decided to return to exercising. It is my life. It is my life style. I love it. I hope that you would love it as well.

I drank my fluids as usual. I have so far drank 2.2 litres out of which 600mls was concentrated green tea. I am still researching about the impact of drinking concentrated green tea on health. So far, I did not find any negative information. I drank 4 teabags in 600mls in the afternoon. I keep raising the amount of green tea bags in 600mls. It is interesting to listen to the body as it responds to green tea.

I ate all necessary meals within the range of my calories per day.


I hope that you managed to jump for yourself today…


@ Chipo Muponisi, unedited post



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